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The Origins of the Mothers' Mercy Home
Partnership Program

“As we looked beyond the temporary corrugated tin buildings and into the eyes and the smiling faces of the children who reside there, we saw the face of Jesus.” These are the words of five women of St. Thomas, Menasha, Wisconsin who spent two weeks in the Diocese of Mt. Kenya South, Kenya, Africa in January-February 2007.

They, along with the Rector at that time, Fr. Ian Montgomery, were there at the invitation of Bishop Timothy Ranji to explore the possibilities of establishing a Partnership Program with the children of Mothers’ Mercy Home. They came back home, convinced of the need and feasibility and committed to raising up an individual prayer/sponsor partner for each of the 83 children who then resided there.  The Partnership Program began in April of 2007 and continues today.  Partners, who come  from 16 cities in 5 states, provide prayer and financial support and many also provide personal contact through e-mails.

Mothers’ Mercy Home was founded by strong women of faith of The Mothers’ Union of Mt. Kenya South in response to the urgent outcry for a home to cater to the increasing number of destitute AIDS orphans and children whose family circumstances denied them basic needs and a Christian upbringing. The doors of the home, located near Limuru about 10 miles west of Nairobi, opened in May 2001. Since then other children have come to live at MMH and currently there are 155 children age 4 and older who are involved in the program.

 Young children attend schools in the community and older children are enrolled in Secondary Boarding Schools.   For high school age children  Boarding Schools are the norm in Kenya.   However,  Mothers' Mercy Home continues to be "home" and they spend the school vacation months of April, August and December  "back home".  Eighteen of these young people graduated from Secondary School in 2013,  sixteen  in 2014, thirteen in 2015 and fourteen in 2016.  They are assisted in finding suitable living conditions, provided guidance in independent living, and assisted with the financial costs of continuing education either in technical schools, colleges or universities. 

For the younger children a typical day at MMH begins early with breakfast of porridge and then off to school with a carried lunch. Stories are told of children who share their lunch with others at school who come without lunch. After school it is homework time, maybe some time for play, dinner, showers and then off to bed.

On Sundays the children attend services in their community. On weekends groups are occasionally taken out for field trips to museums, parks, and for recreation. A volunteer group comes in monthly to celebrate birthdays where fun and sweets are shared.

The children hope to make a difference in the future. They name numerous occupations that they aspire to including teacher, pilot, pastor, doctor, gospel musician, bank manager, conductor, singer, hairdresser, engineer, airline hostess and mechanic.

“Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brethren, you did it to me.”

Matthew 25:40.  


Annual Report 2018

March 2019 will mark the end of 12 years of Partnership with Mothers’ Mercy Home in Limiru, Kenya, Diocese of Mt. Kenya South.  The Board will be meeting to plan the renewal of the three year agreement with the women of the Mothers’ Union which supports the home.

2018 was a year in which 101 children were cared for by MMH.  89 of the children were in nursery school through Class 8 and resided at MMH.  The other 12 children were attending Secondary Boarding Schools and only back at MMH during school vacations. A staff of 28 (not all full time) care for the spiritual, physical, mental, emotional and social needs of the children. The Kenyan government has recently changed the yearly school calendar so students now have three weeks off in April and August and schools are closed the entire months of November and December.  Most of the children spend some time with their legal guardians during those vacation times. Those children who have no guardians or for whom it is not safe to go to them, remain at MMH during school vacations.  All children return to MMH after Christmas and they celebrated Christmas together on Saturday, December 29th before beginning school again in January.

Four MMH students graduated from Secondary School in November so that brings the total alumni of MMH to 75.  Two of these graduates were partnered through our MMHPP. As in past years the graduates were presented with a devotional/motivational book from the MMH Partnership Program.  Alumni are continually followed by Social Workers of MMH and helped with educational expenses and living quarter rents.  Alumni meet at MMH twice a year.  They share their experiences with those students who will soon be graduating and share with each other and staff members their challenges and together try to find solutions. 

A highlight of the year for the MMHPP was the month long visit of Julius Njogu in July.  While staying with his Partners, Sue and Bill Steinhilber, he shared what is happening with the children of MMH during Mission Sunday, at a Senior Luncheon, at a Partner Event and with members of St. Boniface, Mequon which supports the program.  He also shared about CARGO MEN’S CLUB which is an organization formed by alumni of MMH.  Cargo Men’s Club serves as a   support group for the young men and reaches out to support the community and to share the love of Jesus.  While here Julius and Sue’s brother put together two different cards that are being distributed when the young men sell their food products.  One is an evangelical message and the other a Christian message of encouragement.  Julius went back to Nairobi on August 2nd with two 50 pound suitcases full of new or gently used clothing for the children.  Thanks to those who contributed.  Also, $452 was sent to Cargo Men’s Club from the sale of jewelry made by the young men.

Currently Partners include 41 families or individuals who provide 61 children and graduates with prayer and financial support.  A reminder to Partners that e-mail notes can be sent to the children through .  The child’s name and number should be included as names are sometimes very similar or even the same.

  A total of $26,002 was forwarded to MMH this past year thanks to Partners ($13,860), St. Thomas Outreach Fund ($2000), SCRIP ($1000), Lambeau Field Fund Raiser ($1,500), Donations ($4,030), and a Special Donor Fund ($3,612) which was used for Primary and Secondary school uniforms and shoes as well as a baking oven.

On November 29th Charity Njenga, administrator, wrote “The year has not been easy but by the Grace of God and your support it has been possible to meet the demands of our children. The economy of the country has been so down and so it has affected everyone in the country.  It is my humble request that with our partnership, if possible, you help us to buy school text books for the New Year which we buy every year.  The budget is very high for the same since you find one child needs an average of 10 books at an average cost of 1,000 kes ($9.80)  We will have 94 children in Primary school in 2019 and we also need to purchase some new mattresses since most of them are worn out.  New children came in December and the majority of children are bed-wetters.  We shall be very grateful and we always appreciate your love towards our children.  With lots of love, Charity.”  On receiving word that funds had been sent Charity responded on December 17th “We are humble by your lovely donations.  Please pass our heartfelt gratitude to all the members as you thank them for the love they always show to our children.  God bless you abundantly during this festive season and may His grace be upon you always.”

Annual Report 2017

In April 2018 we will be beginning our 12th year of Partnership with Mothers’ Mercy Home in Limiru, Kenya, Diocese of Mt. Kenya South.  2017 was the first year working with the new Administrator/Manager, Charity Waithira Njenga and Charles Muigai, long time Social Worker and currently also serving as Assistant Administrator. On May 6, 2017 MMH celebrated its 16th Anniversary.  A new Administration building was completed that month. This has allowed the Social Workers to move from the old corrugated metal building into three new and improved offices.  The building also consists of two large halls and two smaller rooms for the children’s activities and training.

It was a year of turmoil in Kenya with the August 8th Presidential election contested and the new election originally set for October 18th moved to October 26th.  There were large gatherings, protests and demonstration which sometimes became confrontational and escalated into violence. Fortunately the children and staff of MMH were not affected. 

 As students graduate from Secondary School new children are admitted each year. Of the 13 new children in 2017 three children were from a family of 7 whose mother died on 12-23-16.  Some were admitted through the courts due to very dismal and sympathetic circumstances.  Others were in need of a safe, protective and loving environment after suffering severe physical injuries from their caretakers. 

On December 7, 2017, a celebration was held for the 12 new Secondary School graduates.  Of these, 8 had been Partnered through our program. Each of the new graduates received a devotional book from the St. Thomas Partnership Program. (There are now 72 MMH alumni.) 

97 children (Primary and Secondary School students) are currently part of MMH.  Partners include 44 families or individuals who provide 65 children and graduates with prayer and financial support. (Graduates are provided follow up by social workers and assisted in finding housing and paying tuition for post- secondary educational programs.)  A reminder to Partners that e-mail notes can be sent to the children through .  The child’s name and number should be included as names are sometimes very similar or even the same.

  A total of $26,833 was forwarded to MMH this past year thanks to Partners ($17,520), St. Thomas Outreach Fund ($2000), Birthday Box ($600), Donations ($1,626), and a Special Donor Fund ($5,087) which was used for Primary and Secondary school uniforms, shoes and books and also staff uniforms. 

 The draught has continued in parts of Kenya with the cost of food being extremely high.  Although always grateful for our support, for the very first time on October 19, 2017, we received a request from Charity for funds to buy food “as it has never been like this before.”  On receiving our funds she wrote “We want to take this opportunity and pass our gratitude to all our Partners and St. Thomas Mission Outreach for your great funds that have enabled us to do so much for our children.  This was actually at the right time.  We purchased food items as our stores were dry and now we can smile.  …We do not have enough words to express our joy.  It is only God who knows our happiness.  Stay blessed always and our regards to all our Partners and St. Thomas Church.”


Annual Report 2016

April 2016 began the 10th year of our Partnership with Mothers’ Mercy Home in Limiru, Kenya, Diocese of Mt. Kenya South.  Members of our Board and the Women of the Mothers’ Union signed an agreement committing the Partnership for another three years through March of 2019.   The highlight of the year was the 18 day visit in April of Paula Karanja, Administrator/Manager and Julius Njoke, a 2013 graduate of Secondary School, currently enrolled in the Degree Program in Criminology at Nairobi University.  Although this was Paula’s second visit it was the first time Julius had traveled outside of Kenya.   He was especially impressed with the people he met and the opportunities he had to experience another culture.  The visit was appreciated by the Partners and members of the congregation who had the chance to ask questions and learn more specifics about the children and program of MMH at the special events sponsored by the MMHPP Board. 

Paula Karanja retired from her position at the end of 2016 and Charity Waithira Njenga will be taking over as Administrator.  Charles Muigai, long time Social Worker at MMH, will also serve as Assistant Administrator.  We look forward to working with these two competent people in our relationship with the staff and children.  We are thankful for the wonderful relationship we have had with Paula since our Partnership Program began in 2017.  We wish her and her beloved husband, the Rev. Paul Karanja, much happiness as they enjoy some much deserved relaxation and continue to discern what ministries God will lead them to next. 

November 2016 marked the occasion of 14 students graduating from Secondary School.  This makes a total of 61 MMH graduates beginning in 2013. Though these students no longer live at MMH they are continued to be supported by the staff in finding housing, assistance with educational programs (college, university or technical school) and living expenses.  Fourteen of the students, while attending post- secondary educational programs, reside at the John Kaheni Residence opened as a memorial to the 2013 graduate who died December 2014.  With no staff, the students learn to do all tasks (shopping, cooking, cleaning, money management etc.)  necessary for independent living.  MMH hopes to provide support to the graduates until they have a vocation and can function independently. 

155 children (including the 61 graduates) are part of MMH. Our Program includes 45 individuals or families who by prayer and financial support are Partnered with 66 of the children.

 A total of $34,587 was forwarded to MMH this past year thanks to Partners ($14,640), Fundraisers ($9,455), St. Thomas Outreach Fund ($1750), Donations ($2539), Expenses for Paula and Julius’s passports and visas ($383), and a Special Donor Fund (($5,820) which was used for  new bunk beds, sport shoes and uniforms.  An additional $4,386 was spent for air fare and other expenses incurred in Paula and Julius’ visit in April.

The Board of MMH Partnership Program is so grateful for the wonderful support of St. Thomas, the individual Partners, St. Boniface Church in Mequon, our donors and all those who attend our Fund Raising Activities.  Without the prayers and dedication of all of you we would not have been as successful in assisting the children of MMH in having the opportunity to grow up in a loving and caring Christian environment.  As Paula wrote in her retirement letter, “St. Thomas Church, Menasha, came into our lives just when we needed a shoulder to lean on.  The ‘Partnership Program’ was God sent.  We have come this far through your love and prayers, not forgetting your timely financial support.  Thank you so much for ‘walking’ with us.  We thank God for all that has passed and trust Him for all that is to come.” 

Annual Report 2015

As we come to the close of 2015 we are nearing the end of the 9th year of our Partnership with Mothers’ Mercy Home in Limiru, Kenya, in the Diocese of Mt. Kenya South. Currently we have 46 Partners who pray for and financially support 66 of the children.  In anticipation of renewing our Partnership for another three years beginning April 2016 our hope is that Paula Karanja, Manager of the Home, and Julius Njoki will be able to spend time with us in April.  Julius was admitted to MMH in 2001 and was in the first group of students to graduate from secondary school in 2013. In December 2015, he completed a Diploma in Criminology at Nairobi University and if funds are available will continue to study for a Degree.  He is a living witness of the wonderful difference MMH makes in the lives of children. 

In February computer classes were begun at MMH for children in Classes 5 and 6.  During the August school vacation a Summer Camp was held for a week.  The children enjoyed learning in workshops and having fun on fieldtrips.  Also during August, fifteen new little children were admitted to MMH as well as four young girls who were abandoned by their mother.  A teacher strike when school resumed in September had the students missing many classes but the strike ended and they returned to classes in early October.   With 13 students to graduate from Secondary School in November, a Reintegration Program was held with their guardians on October 23rd.  Charles Muigai, the Social Worker, encouraged the guardians to be very involved in the graduates’ lives as they reintegrate into the community.  They   should know the students’ progress in all areas from academic to spiritual and physical well-being.  Mary Wanjiku, Youth Counsellor, will continue to be involved with these graduates as well as the previous 34 graduates.  At the graduation celebration and farewell party on December 4th each graduate was once again presented with a daily devotional from the MMH Partnership Program and the St. Thomas Parish Family.

John Kaheni, who died on December 21st, 2014, was in the first group of graduates in 2013.  The Germans have graciously built the John Kaheni Residence in his memory.  Located in Kiambu it will provide housing for graduates as they complete computer classes, driving classes, etc., prior to joining technical schools, colleges of universities.

Total funds forwarded to MMH during 2015 were $31,779.80 thanks to the generosity of our Partners ($14,940), Fundraisers ($9,160), Donations ($2,335) Church Periodical Fund ($844.80) and a Special Donor Fund ($4,500) which was used for a drip irrigation system, a heavy duty motorized lawn mower, new school bags and uniforms for 52 elementary school children, new shoes for 47 Secondary School students, and for some text books.  A HUGE thank you to everyone who contributed in some way to supporting these young people. 

Paula Karanja, manager of MMH, wrote in August “What a Mighty God we serve!  We were completely overwhelmed by your continuous generosity.  Thank you for your love and support and for making our Mothers’ Union Vision real.  Kindly extend our sincere appreciation to all those who participated in one way or another in raising these funds.  You have such golden hearts!  God bless you.  We cannot forget your previous support and for that we thank God for each one of you.  Thank you for allowing God to use you.  We shall continue to serve these children to the glory of God.” 


Annual Report 2014

2014 marked the 8th year of our continuing Partnership with Mothers’ Mercy Home in Limiru, Kenya, in the Diocese of Mt. Kenya South.  Though the Home was begun by women of the Mothers’ Union in 2001, we began our partnership in 2007 following a visit by Fr. Ian Montgomery and five women of St. Thomas.  We currently have 46 Partners who pray for and financially support 65 of the children. 

On January 5, 2014 Fr. John and Kathy Peterson presented a slide presentation of their wonderful 8 day visit to MMH in November of 2013. 

August 2014 marked the admission of 14 new children between the ages of 3 and 6 to MMH.  The first few months are always a challenge for both the staff and the children as the little ones adjust to their new environment.

In November of 2014 the second class consisting of 16 students completed Secondary School and graduated.  A special ceremony was held December 2nd and each graduate was presented with a devotional book, “Every Day with Jesus”, from the MMH Partnership Program and the St. Thomas Parish Family.   Together with the 18 students who graduated in 2013 there are now 34 MMH graduates continuing their education at universities, colleges and trade schools.  A staff person continues follow up with them and MMH pays their tuitions directly to the schools they attend. 

In 2015 there will be 34 Graduates being supported and followed by the staff,  47 students attending Secondary Boarding School  9 months of the year and 50 young children from age 3 through Class 8 residing full time at MMH and attending schools in the area.

Total funds forwarded to MMH during 2014 were $21,705 thanks to the generosity of our Partners ($11, 640), African Dinner Fundraiser ($5,700), St. Thomas Mission Fund ($1,650), and Other Donations ($2,715). Additional funds from the Spa Night Fundraiser 2014 and Partnership monies will be forwarded in early January 2015. 

The Administration and Staff continue to express their gratefulness for the prayer and financial support of the MMH Partners and the St. Thomas Parish Community.  This support makes a tremendous difference in their ability to minister to these children and young people in the name of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 


 Annual Report 2013

  The milestone event in the life of Mothers’ Mercy Home this past year was the graduation of the first 18 students from Secondary School. Fr. John and Kathy Peterson has the privilege of spending eight days at MMH over Thanksgiving and being present for the celebration with the graduates. The dining hall was filled to overflowing for the glorious occasion. Caps and gowns, food (including seldom had soda and cake), songs and dances, a thank you presentation by the graduates, a few short speeches, prayer,  a candle ceremony and the presentation of devotional books from St. Thomas Church and the MMH Partnership Program filled the afternoon.  The graduates all returned to their guardians in December and will be assisted in their further education costs by MMH and followed by a recently hired Youth Counsellor, Mary Wanjiku.

Thanks to all who supported the visit with prayer and financial support towards the gifts for graduates, children, staff and Diocese of Mt. Kenya South friends.  The prayer was deeply felt as the journey was smooth, good health prevailed and the Holy Spirit led the daily encounters with the children.  Recent pictures and updates on the children will be sent to Partners in early 2014.

In April of 2013 we renewed a three year agreement for the third time committing to a relationship with MMH through March of 2016.  In 2013 there were 114 children at MMH. (The 18 graduates will be replaced by younger children in 2014)  In January  there will be 57 children attending Secondary Boarding Schools.  (11 entering in Form I) Although tuition and room and board varies according to the school attended, average cost is $740 per year plus initial expenses the first year such as a mattress, bedding, etc.

Students completing Class 8 and entering Form I in January completed an 11 day training called Boys’ and Girls’ Initiation and Counseling Program during late November/ December school break. Topics covered were Spiritual Initiation, Challenges of Adolescence, Time Management, Self-Awareness, Mother Girl Relationships, Father Boy Relationships and Peer Pressure.  They also engaged in Team Building Workshops, Sports and lessons in General Hygiene.  They learn that they must be responsible and set a good example for those younger than themselves.  The Program has been found to be very successful in preparing for the transition from Class 8 to Secondary School Form I.

This year $30,075 was forwarded to MMH thanks to the generosity of our Partners ($16,920), African Dinner and Ladies’ Spa Night Fundraisers ($10,065), African Product Sales ( $940)  and the St. Thomas Mission Fund and other donors ( $2,150) to support the educational and nutritional needs of the children.

There currently are 44 Partners who support 62 of the 114 children. Our Partners reside in 16 different cities in 7 states.  Besides praying for the individual children Partners are encouraged to maintain a relationship through the internet. E-mails can be sent through Paula Karanja, Administrator,  The name and number of the child should be included.  If no internet access is available notes can be given to Kathy Peterson who will forward them.  Most children who receive notes this way have responded. Our Awana children have continued to communicate with the younger children who do not have Partners. 

A heartfelt THANK YOU to all who continue to support these precious children of God through prayer, by being a Partner, attending our fund raising events and supporting missions at St. Thomas Church.  Mothers’ Mercy Home is a Christian Community in action.


Annual Report 2012

Though it is hard to believe, March 31, 2013 will mark the completion of six years of our Partnership with Mothers’ Mercy Home in the Diocese of Mt. Kenya South.  With 12 new children between the ages of 4 and 8 admitted in May of this year, the total number of children has increased from 84 in 2007 to 113.  Seventeen more of them took final Class 8 exams in November so 64 children will be enrolled in Secondary School when classes begin in January.  It costs approximately $563 per year for tuition, room and board plus $235 for the starter kits (mattress, bed sheets, blankets, uniforms, personal supplies, etc.) required for new students. 

This year $25,675 was forwarded to MMH thanks to the generosity of our Partners ($14,880), African Dinner and Ladies’ Spa Night Fundraisers ($8,215) and the St. Thomas Mission Fund and other donors ( $2,580) to support the educational and nutritional needs of the children.

We are grateful for 48 Partners who support 66 of the 113 children. Our Partners come from 20 cities in 7 states.  Besides praying for the individual children Partners are encouraged to maintain a relationship through the internet. E-mails can be sent through Paula Karanja,  Administrator,  The name and number of the child should be included.  If no internet access is available notes can be given to Kathy Peterson who will forward them.  Most children who receive notes this way have responded. (Previously we would send Christmas and Easter greetings in a package through the mail but since these were not arriving this was discontinued.) Our Awana children have continued to communicate with those children who do not have Partners.   

In August, through a friend of a board member, clothing, new underwear, toothbrushes, etc. were sent for the newest children.  Paula wrote “I am still overwhelmed.  Thank you so much for the two suitcases which were full of just what we needed MOST.”  In September Lynne and Bob Keller were in Kenya for the dedication of their Medical Clinic and were able to visit MMH.  They took other items, plus the 2011 Easter Greetings that had been returned to us.  They brought back a CD with current pictures and updates of the children which were forwarded to Partners. 

Last year Paula reported that they were going to try to transfer children who were not doing well in Secondary School to Technical Schools.  However, after checking around she found that they would not accept students who had not completed Form 4 (equivalent to Senior Year).  Though there are Village Polytechnics that do admit Class 8 students they were found to be below expected standards and the children would have no opportunity for jobs except in tea/coffee picking, or flower farms where they could only earn about $1 per day. If they complete Secondary School, even with poor performance, they have a Certificate which will qualify them for Technical School where they can learn skills like wiring, electrical, mechanical, tailoring, carpentry or food production.  The children with better grades will go on to University.  The first class will be graduating in November 2013.  These 19 students have compiled profiles of themselves for marketing purposes.  They can be found in a booklet on the Mission Bulletin Board.

A special event this year was the Camp held during the August school break. Organized by the Mothers’ Union women and friends from Germany the one week camp provided educational workshops each morning for the 4 year olds up through the older teenagers.  Afternoons were more laid back with active and fun recreational activities.  Evening activities included a BBQ, a dance organized by the MMH kids, and a movie night.  It was a time of rejuvenation following 3 months of school.

Paula and the other 20 members of the staff of MMH are grateful for our continued support.  “Thank you for your love and support and for making our Mothers’ Union Vision real ‘TO PROMOTE THE WELL-BEING OF FAMILIES.’  We cannot forget your previous support and for that we thank God for each one of you.  Esther 4:14b –‘Indeed…you have been called at a time like this.’  We shall continue to serve these children to the glory of God.  Once again thank you very much and may God continue to meet you all at your point of need.  Wishing you God’s blessing.  Yours sincerely, Paula Nyaithiru Karnaja.”

With God’s help, we plan to renew our relationship with MMH for another 3 years in April 2013.

Annual Report 2011

March 31, 2011 marked the end of four years of Partnership with Mothers’ Mercy Home in the Diocese of Mt. Kenya South.   This has been a very challenging year for MMH.  Due to the draught in the Eastern Horn of Africa, which caused a severe shortage of food, the cost of feeding the children has been extremely high.  In September we sent a total of $16,460  (1,570,679.03 Ksh) to help with the situation.  This was Partnership payments of $10,260 through September of this year and $6,200 raised through the August African Dinner.

There are currently 99 children aged 5 to 18 who reside at Mothers’ Mercy Home.  In January of 2012 48 of them will be attending Secondary Boarding Schools.  Thirteen of these teenagers will be new in Form I joining the others who began in 2010 and 2011 who will be in Form II and Form III.  (Comparable to Freshmen, Sophomores and Juniors in High School).  Costs for this in the past averaged $500 a year per student but this too is expected to be higher this coming school year.  The question frequently asked is, “What happens when these children finish school?” Paula Karanja, Administrator, answers this question: “We too have been thinking about our children, just about two years and they are done with Secondary Schools.  Our prayer is in 2012, we take all those children who are not doing well in Secondary School to a Technical High School.  Here, these children will go through the Secondary Education and also be taught many skills e.g. shoe repair, mechanics, wiring, tailoring, music, salesmanship etc so that when they are through Secondary School, they will come out with different skills which will help them to get jobs when they leave (we intend to help them get jobs too) or start their own small businesses.  Quite a number of our children are finding it a big challenge in Secondary Schools and they are unable to improve their grades.  For those who will excel and score good points for the University, we intend to sponsor them.  Others will join Colleges and do courses like Cabin Crew, teachers etc.  This will be our MOST challenging period but we trust God because He is able and He will provide the funds through His chosen few.”

We are grateful for the 50 Partners who have personal relationships with 65 of the 99 children. Our 50 Partners come from 21 cities in 7 states.  They pray for the individual children, send Christmas and Easter cards and support them financially. We also are thankful for the many individuals who supported the African Dinner in August and the Ladies Spa Night in November of which all the proceeds go towards the nutritional and educational needs of the children.  Thanks also for individual donations and Mission Funds from St. Thomas Church which support this ministry. 

Upcoming news is the anticipated “INTAKE” of 12 more children between the ages of 4 and 6 in March of 2012 raising the total number of children of MMH to 111. 

Paula reports that the children continue to grow physically, mentally and spiritually.  “Your love, prayers and support have enabled us to reach where we are and for that, we thank God for you." 

Annual Report 2010

March 31, 2010 marked the end of our first Three Year Partnership Agreement with Mothers’ Mercy Home in the Diocese of Mt. Kenya South. Our plan was to have Paula Karanja and two of the children visit us in April so all at St. Thomas could hear first hand how God has worked for good through the Partnership Program, our guests would have an opportunity to witness and participate in our Christian life here in the Fox Cities, and we could discuss continuation of the Partnership. Unfortunately after much preparation, letters to the American Consulate in Nairobi and US Senators, the visas for the children were denied. However, Paula arrived for a three-week visit during which she was kept busy interacting with members of our church, diocese and community. (She especially enjoyed her first experiences of being in a swimming pool, sauna and hot tub.) A Soup/Salad/Dessert Luncheon for the entire parish on April 18th gave everyone an opportunity to meet her and hear the story of MMH and the children. 

During the third year of the Partnership (April 2009 through March 2010) a total of $18,052 of financial support was provided through Partnerships, fundraisers and donations. 75% was used to supply the basic needs of the children and to pay for secondary school expenses, 3% was used for expenses in the application process for passports and visas and 22% will be used to provide a new stove. (The German benefactors of MMH are building an addition to the new dorm that will house a new kitchen. When completed the stove will be purchased.) 

In March of this year 15 new children ages 3-10 began residence at MMH. In addition to the regular staff, three women hired in February to serve as Mothers are lovingly meeting the needs of the new children as well as the other 84 children. 

During Paula’s visit we made a commitment to renew our three-year agreement and continue our relationship with MMH through March 2013. We rejoice that on January 3rd two women will begin to serve as co-coordinators of the Mothers’ Union of the Diocese. This will free up Paula to devote full time to her other responsibility as Manager of MMH. 

Because MMH has been in existence since 2001 the children are now nearly 10 years older. This year 19 of the children have been attending secondary boarding school and another 16 will begin in 2011. Cost per student is approximately $500 per year ($17,500 for 35 students). Proceeds from our very successful African Fundraising Dinner in August were designated for Secondary School expenses and to supplement the nutrition of all the children of MMH.

In December 2010 we wired a total of $16,880 which included $10,080 Partnership Monies for April – December 2010, $4,300 from our African Dinner, and $2,500 from other Donations (including St. Thomas Mission Fund).

58 of the 99 children are now Partnered. In November we initiated “Child of the Month” featuring one of the children without a Partner in the Lamplighter and posting their picture on the Mission Bulletin Board. We pray that someone may be touched by The Lord to reach out to each of these children by becoming their Partner. 

Special thanks to all our Partners, Supporters and Donors. The children experience God through your prayers, Christmas and Easter greetings and financial support. Thanks be to God for using you as His instrument!

Annual Report 2009

With the aftermath of the tumultuous presidential election in December 2007 and the recent draught in the Horn of Africa, it was a difficult year financially for Mothers’ Mercy Home, Diocese of Mt. Kenya South. Partnership monies provided a total of $13,300 to support the 84 children of the Home in the second complete year of the Partnership (April 2008 through March 2009). The cost of food has doubled and nearly 70% of monies sent were needed to buy food. 17% was used to buy diesel fuel for their school bus. (The first year 60% was used to rent matatus or vans for transport to schools, but with their own bus now there has been a substantial savings.) The remaining 13% was used to fund the development of a Five Year Strategic Plan during a three-day workshop involving 30 people in March 2009.

MMH Medical Centre Being Staffed

On 28th February 2009 during the official opening, Dennis cuts the tape at the Cargo Human Care Medical Centre with the Dr. In Charge, Dr. Sievers. Looking on is Diocesan Bishop Timothy Ranji.

Cargo Human Care will be paying the salaries of two qualified nurses, one pharmacist/registration clerk and one facility manager who will be permanently employed at the The Cargo Human Care Medical Centre at Mothers’ Mercy Home that opened Saturday, February 28th, 2009. German ENTs, gynecologists, dentists, general practitioners and other specialists will be rotating through the Medical Centre, providing care for the children as well as for people in the surrounding community. Unless they are very poor (in which case treatment will be completely free) they will be charged a nominal fee for registration, treatment and drugs. Cargo Human Care will also meet costs related to those needing admission to an appointed hospital. This far exceeds MMH’s original expectations of a small clinic and will make a great difference in the lives of the people of their community.

The Medical Centre began to see patients from the community April 1st. The need for medical service is very high as about 100 people per day are being treated. During the first week a baby boy was delivered and the life of a woman was saved. She came to the clinic with heavy bleeding on a day the gynecologist was on duty. She was rushed to the hospital where she received emergency surgery. Praise God that He placed the right people in place to meet her needs that day.

Nineteen of the children took secondary school exams in November and will be continuing their education in different schools beginning in February 2010. With the additional room provided by the new dorm it was planned to admit 12 new 5 and 6-year-old children in December 2009.

Greetings were sent to each of the 84 children by Partners and AWANA children at Easter and Christmas. We continued to spread the word about MMH at Diocesan Convention, the All Saints Alternative Gift Market and our website:

Looking forward to a relational visit by Paula Karanja, coordinator of the Mothers’ Union that administers MMH, and two of the children in April 2010, two successful fundraisers, an African Dinner and a Ladies’ Spa Night, were held to provide funds for transportation and related expenses during the visit. The time spent with us will allow all of us at St. Thomas to hear first hand about how God has worked for good through the Partnership Program, give our guests an opportunity to witness and participate in our Christian life here in the Fox Cities, provide opportunities for students from the US and Kenya to learn from each other, and to plan for the next three years of our Partnership.

At the end of 2009, 56 of the children had Partners. Thanks be to God for all He has done this year for the children through our generous donors.

Annual Report 2008

Pete, Bishop Ranji and Lynne in front of the new dorm being constructed. New Dorm Dedicated

The biggest news concerning MMH for 2008 was the dedication and opening of the new permanent dormitory on November 29th.  In early fall in an effort to raise funds for the new dorm our own Pete Zaborski reached the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro as he climbed with Bishop Timothy Ranji.  Through an African Dinner, Pete's effort and generous donations  $20,000 was contributed towards the building.

Lynne Keller also visited at that time to continue our relationship. She had the opportunity to meet the women of the Mothers' Union who administer the Home, visit the children, take new pictures and get updated reports on them.

Political turmoil in Kenya following the elections of December 2007 resulted in violence and many refugees but other than beginning school late, the children were not greatly affected.  

At the end of 2008, 53 of the 84 children had Partners.   

Our main purpose in partnering with the children of MMH is to assist the women of the Mothers' Union in providing them with the opportunity to grow into the full stature of Chirst. On October 26th, 2008, 13 boys and 12 girls of Mothers’ Mercy Home made an informed commitment to their faith as they were confirmed by Bishop Timothy Ranji.  Praise be to God!

Annual Report 2007

Early in 2007 Barb Frees, Carol Hert, Kathy Peterson, Lyn Ross and Sue Steinhilber traveled to the Diocese of Mt. Kenya South with the Rev. Ian Montgomery to meet with women of the Mothers’ Union, who established and govern Mothers’ Mercy Home. They also met with the staff and children to discern the Lord’s will in establishing a Partnership Program. They were awed by the commitment and strong faith of the women and the caring and love of the staff with very limited resources. They came home convinced the Lord was calling for participation in this ministry with His children in Kenya.

A Partnership Program Board was established and entered into an Agreement with the Diocesan Mothers’ Union Committee. The Partnership Program began officially in April 2007.

A brochure was created and telling the story of Mothers’ Mercy Home and the Partnership Program began at St. Thomas and other churches as well as within the community. Praise to Jesus that many have responded. Partners are able to introduce themselves to the children through letters.

Children who do not as yet have Partners also receive greetings from the children of St. Thomas' AWANA ministry or the ladies of Lawrence University InterVarsity Group.

With Partnership monies and other donations, a total of $7555 was forwarded to Mothers' Mercy Home.  Through Mission/Outreach funds of St. Thomas a laptop computer was given making administrative duties easier and more efffective.  No longer a need to drive to Nairobi to receive and send e-mails.