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  • For Moses Gaitho, in class 7, who has a deteriorating eye problem requiring urgent surgery.  Funds are needed for the procedure.

  • For MMH to decide on an income producing project such as poultry farming or irrigation which will provide more greens. To acquire the finances to begin the project.

  • For the health and academic performance of all the children particularly those students in their last term.

  • For unity among all the workers.

  • For the children to understand and put more effort in their academic work.



On October 20th we will be celebrating Mothers’ Mercy Home Mission Sunday at St. Thomas, Menasha, WI.    We will be using the Liturgy which is used in Kenya and we will have some African hymns during the 10 am service.  During the Coffee Hour there will be an opportunity to become a new Partner with a MMH child with an added bonus of receiving a surprise gift bag.   Those who cannot commit to being a Partner but would like to support MMH will be able to purchase a gift bag for $15. 

We completed our 12th year of Partnership with MMH the end of March of this year.   The Board has signed another three year agreement to continue our partnership through March of 2022.  Over the past twelve years we have supported the 196 children who have been a part of MMH with our love and prayers and $318,000 which has mainly provided food, clothing, school shoes, sport shoes, school tuitions, books and uniforms.  The funds have also helped pay for bunk beds, school bus fuel,  a lawn mower,  a drip irrigation system and a baking oven.  The administration, staff and children are so very grateful for our continued love and support.  The administrator often states that they don’t know where they would be without us.  Thanks to everyone who has contributed by being a Partner, by making a donation, by attending past fund raising events and by continuing to lift the children in prayer.  God Bless You All.

A reminder that Partners who pay annually or semi-annually in October or quarterly, your donation is due now.  Please send to St. Thomas Church with MMHPP in the memo line.



MMH children reported back to school from their August holiday on September 2nd.  There has been a vast improvement from when the program first began in the different activities that the children get to participate in during their vacation time.  Charles, the Assistant Administrator and Head Social Worker, reports that as the children are engaged in many different activities the staff is able to identify the different talents of each of them.  Also, as the young children are growing with different capabilities they have confidence in what they are doing which is a huge plus. The very young children were involved in coloring, drawing, modeling and singing games.  The juniors participated in creative art, weaving and drawing.  Some concentrated on painting.  Wood workshop was very successful with both boys and girls assisting in making different items.  Sewing workshop continued.  In the afternoon there was the opportunity to participate in many different games.  All the children were divided into age groups on different days where they were involved with mentors and counsellors.  The Secondary students had specific mentors who were with them from August 12th.  On August 14th these students accompanied by 2 social workers and 3 mentors left for a three day retreat away from MMH.  Through their program their self-esteem has been boosted and they have gained many life skills. The Administration is thankful for all the social workers and different volunteers for their efforts in developing this holiday/vacation program for the children.   


With the donation made by a special benefactor new school shoes, some school uniforms, mattresses and a dairy cow have been purchased.  With this third cow there will be enough milk produced for all the children and buying milk will no longer be necessary.  The majority of the children at MMH are currently 12 and under.  There is a small field for the children to play which has a swing and a slide which are more than 13 years old.  The plan is to purchase additional equipment for the playground as the children have a lot of energy and need items for free time play that will contribute to their development.  The children will be on school vacation for three weeks from August 2nd to 25th.  Charles Muigai, Assistant Administrator, writes “We don’t take your donations for granted and we do appreciate your heart felt gifts for our children.  Please let all the partners know we do appreciate their generosity and if not for you we couldn’t achieve all that has been done for the children. “


JULY 2019

We have received news of a change in the administration of Mothers’ Mercy Home.  In early June Bishop Timothy Ranji transferred the Manager, Charity Waithira Njenga, to another Anglican institution.  The new Manager who has served in the past as manager of another Church organization happens to have the same first name.  She is Charity Mugechi Mungai and she will be our contact person along with Charles, Social Worker and Assistant Manager.  We look forward to working with the new Charity.  Her e-mail address is

Secondary School children had a half term 5 day holiday in June, as well as the Primary School children who had the 5 day holiday after completing their half term exams.  It is now winter and quite cold in Kenya. 

JUNE 2019

Congratulations to Julius Njogu who has completed his classwork at Narobi University in the field of Criminal Justice.  He will be doing a three month internship and then graduating from the University in December 2019.  Julius graduated from Secondary School in 2013 and has been pursuing his dream since then.  We pray for him as he is approaching the final steps to enter his career of choice.  Besides attending school, to help  support his extended family, he has been helping them to establish a chicken farm 

 MAY 2019

Due to very dry weather and the poor economy the ability of local friends of MMH to provide their usual food and financial help to the children and staff was greatly curtailed.  Following an urgent request to us for funds a total of $16,255 was wired to the MMH account.  This consisted of $7,020 of Partnership Funds, $4,951 from donations (St. Thomas Mission Outreach Fund, Lambeau Field Fund Raiser, and general donations), and $4,284 from a Special Donor (to be used for 20 mattresses, 45 sets of bedsheets, 45 blankets, 90 pair of  children’s shoes, and 1 dairy cow.) The Administration, staff and children are thankful to God and sincerely grateful for our continuing support.

Schools closed on April 5th and for two weeks the children had been involved in activities at the home including weaving, bead work, preparing Easter cards, arts and crafts, assisting in daily duties, tailoring, carpentry, construction of outside benches, sports activities and different excursions according to age.  The majority of the children were picked up by guardians on Holy Thursday to spend  Easter with family members and returned to MMH on Friday, April 26th.

David Muingai, a  2015 alumni of MMH is now coming to MMH each Saturday functioning as a sport teacher. 


APRIL 2019

It is reported that the children who had to be transferred from A-plus academy have settled well into their new schools.  Schools will close on April 5th and all the children will be on vacation for three weeks.  The staff will be providing activities for two weeks while the children are at MMH full time.    Mornings will have art for different age groups, wood workshop, knitting and weaving.  In the afternoon there will be sports activities to participate in.   Mentorship programs will take place on five different days.  Charles, the Assistant Administrator states that all children and staff continue to be well.

A REMINDER TO PARTNERS:   Annual and semi-annual contributions made in April as well as quarterly contributions are due now.  Make checks out to St. Thomas Church, with MMHPP in the memo line.  We plan to forward monies to MMH by the end of April.  


MARCH 2019

Two new young boys and two new girls recently joined Mothers’ Mercy Home.  They have already joined school, have shone a lot of improvement and are happy and well.  We will be receiving brief histories and photos of the children soon.  On February 15th Charity and Charles, Administrators, were joined by a few Mothers’ Union members to do home assessments for other needy children who may also qualify to join MMH soon. 

The staff members are all fine and MMH is thankful to God for their wonderful team work among the children.  One of the Mothers, who has been on staff since 2010, retired at the end of February.  Staff is currently planning for April activities.  Regular activities of bible study, tailoring, carpentry, weaving, music, sports, creative art work and book club are all continuing well. 


We recently received news that one of the schools, A-Plus Academy which was attended by 26 boys and girls of MMH from Nursery through Class Four, has closed.  Unavoidable issues where the school was constructed caused its closure. This school had provided a good foundation as many of the children had started with the baby class and the lower classes and advanced to higher grades. 

The only option is to transfer these children to other schools in the area.  Three different schools have been identified where they can transfer.  They will need psychological support and new uniforms of the schools they will be attending.  Our prayers are requested as the children are prepared for their transfer, that they have good concentration at school and that they may be protected when in school and at MMH.  



November is graduation month in Kenya and this year four MMH students completed their Kenya certificate of primary education and will be going on to secondary school this month.  (None of these children had partners through our program.)  Graduating from secondary school were four boys of MMH and a young lady who has been supported through the MMH outreach program.  Joseph Krungu has been partnered with Kirsti and Russ Ritschke and Daniel Munyu has been partnered with Jackie Dickens.  Congratulations to these young men who will join the John Kaheni residence this month while doing computer studies for 3 months prior to participating in an internship program or joining a college. 

Prior to most of the children joining their guardians for the month of December, a meeting was held November 30th with the guardians and Parish Chairladies.  The main speaker was the area children’s officer who addressed various issues concerning child protection. 

Although all staff members have a month for annual leave, during the December holiday when most of the children are visiting guardians,  the staff are more flexible in their time and can have more time with family. 

(A reminder that Partners who support the children annually or semi-annually  in January  or quarterly, it is time for your contribution.  Send to St. Thomas, 226 Washington Street, Menasha WI 54952 with MMHPP in the memo line.  As always, thanks for you continued support.)



The Kenya Ministry of Education has changed the holiday vacation time of students the past two years.  Previously the students had off of school for four weeks in April and August and four to five weeks around December. The current schedule is to have just three weeks of vacation in April and August and close schools for the entire months of November and December.  In November Class 8 students have one week of final exams and Form 4 students who are completing Secondary School have 4 weeks of exams.  This year MMH has four students taking Class 8 exams and four students taking Form 4 exams. 

During November the children are involved in various activities guided by the social workers.  Mornings they do creative art work, sewing, weaving or carpentry and in the afternoon they enjoy sporting activities.

In December most of the children will be visiting their guardians/relatives though approximately 20 of the children will remain at MMH as they have no place to go or their guardians’ homes are not suitable for them to visit.  Those who remain will be engaged in activities and have at least two fun excursions during the month.  On Christmas Day they will attend Church and have a special meal.   A large Christmas party will be held December 29th after all the children have returned to MMH.

On November 9th 320 participants from 10 Charitable Children’s Institutions /Homes in Kiambu and Githunguri attended a large event where all enjoyed a day a fun and games.  45 children and 4 staff members of MMH had a wonderful time at this annual event. 

Partners are reminded that they may send Christmas Greetings to their child through Charles Muigai at



 On Saturday, October 6th alumni of MMH met for their semi-annual meeting.  It was full day with the young men and women arriving at 9 am.  During the morning they took time to bond, play games, team build, make lunch and also campaign for the one year offices on the Cabinet of the Alumni Association. Those who had already graduated from different colleges had time to share their experiences with the students that are now ready to join those schools.  After lunch the meeting kicked off with alumni having an open forum to express themselves without the administrative staff present.    They had an opportunity to air out the challenges they face in school or at home.  They discussed these together AND, with the Student Cabinet, found solutions. If the issues were beyond solving by the students and cabinet they passed them along to the administration. After the open student forum the administration was invited to talk to the students and answer any questions raised. When a motivational speaker is invited to a meeting they address the group following administration.   

 Some of the most frequent challenges of alumni are housing (some students are not comfortable and want to relocate to other places), issues with delay in rent or school fees (often due to the student’s delay in submitting their monthly expenses to MMH in a timely way), discipline issues in some colleges (rare but dealt with before they are out of control) and peer pressure.  Other issues sometimes needing to be addressed are truancy, pregnancy or alcoholism.

This year a President, two ministers in charge of welfare (Beatrice Waithera 2015 partnered by Tim and Tracy Peterson of All Saints) two ministers in charge of communication (Lucy Nyambura 2013 partnered by Dee Markley and James Gititu 2017 partnered by Cam & Lyn Ross), a governor in charge of the John Kaheni residence and a minister in charge of sports were elected to the Cabinet.

Julius writes “On behalf of all the alumni and MMH as a family, let me thank all the good people of St. Thomas for the continuous support.  Your prayers and financial support keep us going.  As adults, when the alumni meet and talk about their past experiences they are reminded that all of you have played a big role in their success.  You are a blessing to each one of us.  We really thank God for you.  Peace be with you.  With love, Julius.”



Special prayers are requested for Jeremy, one of the MMH children who is deaf and dumb and who is enrolled in a special school for hearing impaired children.  He has a history of running away from school and where he goes no one knows. Recently he was lost for more than a month but finally found in the street.  He was returned to MMH and rejoined school the end of September.  Pray that he remains at school, finds fulfillment there and is able to develop to his full ability.

Schools in Kenya will be closing for 2018 at the end of October.  On weekends the children are grouped according to age and capability and participate in activities such as bible study, book clubs, tailoring/sewing, carpentry, weaving, creative arts & crafts, music and guitar lessons.

It takes many people to provide the love and care required to keep Mother’s Mercy Home operating well and ministering to all the children.  Charity Njenga as the Manager and Charles Muigai as Assistant Administrator and Senior Social Worker oversee the other important workers.  Three Mothers provide direct care for the children while another three Social Workers see to the welfare of the children and alumni.  Kitchen, Housekeeping and Laundry personnel are important with so many children to look after.  Accountants are necessary to manage the finances and folks are necessary to take care of the compound, farm, livestock and garden.  A driver and maintenance worker are also on hand as well as two talented women who teach creative activities.   It takes this staff of 28 people (not all full time) to carry on God’s work among these children.  Please pray that each of them may be used by God to minister in their own way to God’s precious children in this place.  (Organizational structure with staff pictures can be found on the Mission Bulletin Board.)



Julius Njogu travelled to the Milwaukee airport on August 2nd to begin his journey home with two large suitcases each weighing 50 pounds.  Along with wonderful memories he carried back to Kenya lots of clothing for the children of Mothers’ Mercy Home.  A huge thank you to all who contributed both new and gently used clothing. We may see some of the children dressed in these dresses and shirts when we receive new pictures.   While here, with assistance, Julius designed and carried back two different prayer cards to be distributed by the young members of Cargo Men’s Club when they sell food to raise funds for their organization.   Half of the 500 scripture cards have an Evangelical Message and the remainder have a Christian Message of Encouragement.  Also to support the mission of the Cargo Men’s Club $452 was wired to their account in Kenya.  This money was from the sale of jewelry made by the young men and some donations.

Julius returned to Nairobi University on August 6th and reports that classes are going well.  He is currently living with another alumnus of MMH and looking for a place to live closer to the University.                                                                                                                          


As we bid farewell to Julius Njogu on August 2nd as he returns to Kenya after his stay with us for the month of July, we are grateful to all those people from the St. Thomas Community who shared Wisconsin summer experiences with him.  He had the opportunity to participate in many seasonal activities that are part of our life here in the Fox Valley.  He thoroughly enjoyed his time here and thanks all those who spent time with him during his visit.  We thank him for sharing with us about his life and the children of Mothers’ Mercy Home and of the graduates, who now number 71. (For pictures of Julius's visit click on Images/Julius Njogu 2018 Visit)

As he returns the children of MMH will be on school vacation for the month of August.  The very youngest children will be participating in Arts and Crafts Workshops with those interested in woodwork being assisted by alumni Daniel and Moses.  Class 5, 6 and some of class 7 will be working on improvement of English language skills and designing a memory book.  Some children in Class 6, 7, and 8 will be involved in Creative Workshops and Reading Competition.  Those in classes 7,8, and Form 1 will be introduced to various work experiences and expectations by Charles, the Social Worker and Assistant Administrator, in the morning and enjoy leisure activities and swimming at Tumanini School in the afternoon. On August 8th they will have an excursion day to the NBO National Museum and Railway Museum.  The students in Form 2-4  will meet with Social Worker James assisted by other social workers to discuss topics such as a) How do I achieve my career at school, college and on the job?, b) Learning time management, c) Learning to calculate a budget, and d) Preparing for the Transition after graduation to the John Kakeni Residence.  In addition all in Forms 1-4 will have two afternoon sessions with the Medical Centre Team and Form 2 students will spend two afternoons with social workers discussing  a) How do I develop my own initiative? b) How do I formulate my wishes? and c) How do I deal with my mistakes?  All Secondary Students will participate in “HiddenGem—In House and Out of MMH Program.”  This is a counselling and mentorship program in which the students spend two nights out of MMH.     

August 16th and 17th the students are prepared for home visits with their guardians.  After their weeklong visit they return to MMH and go back to school the week of August 27th.  Lots of learning experiences during the school break for the children. 

REMINDER TO PARTNERS:  Please remember that Annual or Semi-Annual July Partners and Quarterly Partner donations are due now. 

JULY 2018

Mothers’ Mercy Home Mission Sunday is scheduled for Sunday, July 8thMany of you will remember Julius Njogu who visited in April of 2016.  He will be back once again, spending the month of July with us here at St. Thomas, while staying with his Partners Sue and Bill Steinhilber.  He will be speaking at both the 8 and 10 am services on Mission Sunday and then be available during Coffee Hour to meet with parishioners and answer any individual questions. 

There has been a change in the special event for PARTNERS of MMH children.  A picnic event with Julius will be held at St. Thomas on Tuesday, July 17th from 6-8 pm. 

Those who attend Senior Lunch on Wednesday, July 18th will also have a chance to hear updated information on MMH and ask questions of Julius.  Since the Parish and individuals of St. Boniface in Mequon support the MMHPP Julius will visit there the weekend of July 21st and 22nd. If you would like to plan an outing or personal visit with Julius contact Sue Steinhilber at 573-0465 or Kathy Peterson at 725-3174.

JUNE 2018

PARTNERS of children of Mothers’ Mercy Home, be sure to mark your calendars for the evening of Monday, July 16th, when we will meet at the home of John and Kathy Peterson for a time to share food and fellowship with JULIUS NJOGU.  (An invitation will be forthcoming.)  Julius will be with us for an entire month, from June 28th to August 2nd. His visit will provide a unique opportunity to learn first-hand about Mothers’ Mercy Home, the children who reside there and those who have moved on following graduation from Secondary School.  Julius was in the first group of MMH students who graduated in 2013 and he is now scheduled to graduate from Nairobi University in November of this year with a degree in Criminal Justice.

On Sunday, July 8th we will be celebrating MMH Mission Sunday, with Julius speaking at both the 8 am and 10 am services.  Come and meet him personally during Coffee Hour.   During his visit he will meet with D-groups and on July 18th he will attend Senior Lunch.  He will also be available to meet with other groups within our church and the diocese. He will visit St. Boniface in Mequon the weekend of July 21st and 22nd. If you would like to plan an outing or personal visit with Julius contact Sue Steinhilber at 573-0465 or Kathy Peterson at 725-3174.

MAY 2018

The Mothers’ Mercy Home Partnership Program Board is looking forward to the visit of JULIUS NJOGU from June 28th to August 2nd of this year.  A MMH 2013 graduate of Secondary School he is scheduled to graduate from Nairobi University in November 2018 with a degree in Criminal Justice. On Sunday, July 8th we will be celebrating MMH Mission Sunday, with Julius speaking at both the 8 am and 10 am services.    During his visit he will meet with D-groups, attend Senior Lunch to  visit with the members and be available to meet with other groups within our church and the diocese. He will visit St. Boniface in Mequon the weekend of July 21st and 22nd.

A question asked by many of the Partners is  “What happens to the students once they leave MMH after Secondary School?”  CARGO MEN’S CLUB was organized by alumni of MMH in June, 2017 with the purpose of addressing the needs of young men through empowerment, mentorship, direction and nurture of skills.  Julius serves as secretary of the group.  He will describe the voluntary community projects the Club engages in to give back to society.  He will also provide updates on each of the alumni who have had Partners. 

A special PARTNER’S EVENT with Julius is being planned for a weeknight in July.  Look for further information in the very near future. 

APRIL 2018

The Mothers’ Mercy Home Partnership Program Board is excited to announce that JULIUS NJOGU   will be visiting with us for about 6 weeks this summer between the end of June and the beginning of August.  Julius, the Partner of Sue and Bill Steinhilber, graduated from Secondary School in November of 2013 and has been attending Nairobi University studying for a degree in Criminal Justice.  He will be the first MMH student to be a university graduate when he completes his studies in November of this year.   You may remember Julius from when he was here in April 2016 with Paula Karanja, then Administrator of MMH.  Since our three year agreement with MMH will be ending in March 2019 Julius will represent MMH in discussing our relationship and planning the renewal of the agreement.  He will be available to meet with various groups within our church and the diocese and would appreciate invitations to experience life in the Valley.  More details about his visit will be coming soon.

A reminder to MMH Partners whose annual, semi-annual or quarterly payment is due in April, please send your donation to St. Thomas Church with MMHPP in the memo line. 

MARCH  2018

Mothers’ Mercy in Kenya is currently home to 101 children:  89 who reside at MMH full time and are in Nursery School through Class 8, and 12 students who are enrolled in Secondary Boarding School.  With twelve students graduating from Secondary School in November 2017, Mothers’ Mercy Home has recently admitted some new little children.  We have not yet received information about these particular little ones.  But there are numerous children who have been at MMH for some time who have not as yet been Partnered through our MMH Partnership Program.   Paul Njihia Waithira will be celebrating his tenth birthday on August 21st of this year.  He was an only child admitted to MMH in 2014 from a very violent family in which both parents are now dead.  A grandmother who was very poor and needy had cared for him prior to his admission.  He is now in school, getting regular counseling following his traumatic past and feeling the love and care of the staff at MMH. 

If the Lord may be calling you to reach out to Paul or any of the other children check out pictures and birth dates on this site under IMAGES (Children needing Partners) and under PARTNERSHIP a PDF Membership Form. 



Christmas greetings were received from Julius Njogu who visited in April 2016.  “I hereby wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy Prosperous year 2018.  Please pass my love to the church in general.  God bless you and peace be with you.”  He stated that school closed on December 22nd and resumed in early January.  They were not able to do exams due to the lost time earlier in the year during the tumultuous election.  Hence exams were to be in early January with the next semester beginning immediately after exams.  He traveled to his village during the interim to spend time with his family members and friends.  He is scheduled to graduate from Nairobi University with a degree in Criminal Justice in November 2018 as the first university graduate of MMH.   

Just a reminder that payments of Partners whose annual, semi-annual or quarterly support payments are due in January should be sent now to St. Thomas Church with MMHPP written in the memo line.  Thanks to those who have already taken care of this. 

For Partners wishing to send greetings/notes/letters to the children there has been a change.  In the future send e-mails addressed to Charles Muigai, the Social Worker and Assistant Administrator, .  Put the child’s full name and number in the e-mail as some children have the same names. 


On December 7th, a great celebration was held for the 12 MMH students who graduated from Secondary School this past November.  Students from Class 8 and Form 1-3 (Freshman to Juniors) had packed individual bags with cloths, cutlery and some bedding for each graduate.  The special event began at 2 pm after a lunch of roasted goat meat (Nyama Choma), stew with peas, chapatti, rice, fruits, soda and cake.  Guests were Church leaders  and members of the mentorship and counseling teams who have walked with the students.  The other children had prepared a program including presentations and songs.  The graduates were also presented with personal devotional books from the Partnership Program of St. Thomas.  These students are now ready to begin job training this month. 


Although Mothers’ Mercy Home has always been extremely grateful for the funds sent through our Partnership Program, they have never written to us urgently asking for contributions.  That is, until October 19th when Charity Ngenga, Administrator wrote:  “In our country today politics are the talk of the day and it has taken so long praying for a good outcome next week. It has been very tough economically since businesses are so down which affects our home where we depend mostly on well- wishers who themselves are also affected financially.  Our schools are closing October 23rd and 24th and we will be full board apart from Form 4 candidates who will be left in school sitting for their exams.  We are requesting funds to buy food for them as you cannot imagine it has never been like this before but we accept the situation now knowing it will not remain forever.  The children will stay with us November and part of December because we can imagine if we have a crisis here what about their guardians who struggle to bring them up.  When all of our children are at MMH we spend KSHS. 264,124 per month ($2,534) on food”.   

With Partnership Funds, St. Thomas Outreach Fund, donations from the Birthday Box and other donations we were able to wire $14,100 on October  27th.  On November 13th we received this note from Charity:  “Receive warm greetings.  I trust that you are kept of the Lord.  We are well in Kenya.  It’s raining so much we thank God for His Faithfulness.  We are still waiting for the Presidential outcome.  Continue praying for us that all will be well.  We want to take this opportunity and pass our gratitude to all our Partners and St. Thomas Mission Outreach for your great funds that have enabled us to do so much for our children.  This was actually at the right time.  We purchased food items as our stores were dry and now we can smile.  We will also use some of the funds to buy the devotional books for the 12 Form 4 graduates as you requested in your previous e-mail.  We do not have enough words to express our joy.  It is only God who knows our happiness.  Stay blessed always and our regards to all our Partners and St. Thomas Church.”



As this is being written October 18th, the rescheduled date for a rerun of the annulled August 8th Kenyan  election  is October 26th.  This date is now in question. The opposition candidate has withdrawn over concerns about the validity of the upcoming election and one election board commissioner has resigned and fled to New York citing the election would be a mockery of democracy.    Please continue to pray for the people of Kenya.   “Almighty God, to whom all must account for all powers and privileges, guide the people of Kenya in the election of officials, that, by faithful administration  and wise laws, the rights of all may be protected and the nation of Kenya be enabled to fulfill  your purposes, through  Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen”

This November marks the occasion of 12 more Mothers’ Mercy Home students finishing Secondary School, joining the other 59 who have graduated since 2013.  9 girls and 3 boys will be completing exams in November, celebrating graduation, spending the month of December with their guardians and then going on to the John Kakeni Residence where they will learn independent living skills and attend post- secondary educational classes.   At this residence and afterward they are followed by a Social Worker of MMH and   provided with funds for their education and living expenses while in school.  Eight of these students have been Partnered over the years by Sue and Bill Steinhilber (Catherine Wambui), John and Kathy Peterson ( Elizabeth Wanjiku), Lyn and Cam Ross ( Esther Wambui, James Gititu, Milkah Wambui),  Carol Peterson (Margaret Waithera),  Dale and Karen Staege (Lillian Wangui), and  Bob Paynter (Eunice Wangari ).  We pray that God will bless them abundantly as they begin this new Chapter in their lives. 



At the end of March 2018 the Mothers’ Mercy Home Partnership Program of St. Thomas Church will be completing our 11th year.  MMH was established in 2001 by women of the Mothers’ Union in the Diocese of Mt. Kenya South. We began our first 3 year Partnership in 2007 after a visit there to meet the children and staff.   Because of the support of those who Partner with individual children, monies from the St. Thomas Mission Fund, fund raisers and other donations we have continued to renew our Partnership every three years.

At the present time there are 103 children at MMH.  82 of the children are in Baby Class, Nursery, Pre-Unit and Primary School, attending schools in the local  community.  1 boy is in a special school and 20 students attend Secondary Residential Schools.  In 2017 14 new children were admitted to MMH.

A question often asked by those who have Partnered with a child from Mothers’ Mercy Home is “What happens to the students once they graduate from Form 4 (Senior High School)?”  59 students have graduated since 2013 and another 12 will be graduating this November.  MMH  continues to follow them with a Social Worker and provides funds for their further education and living expenses while in school.  We recently heard some great news about an organization that the alumni of MMH have begun,  to empower the welfare of young men and to work to prevent drug abuse, immorality and crime.  Following attendance at a seminar known as “Men’s Garage Kenya”, and after much preparatory work, CARGO MEN’S CLUB was officially begun on June 25, 2017.  It is a registered Club with the government. 22 of the current 25 members are MMH alumni and 4 of them serve as Chairman, Assistant Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.  The main aim of the Club is to help address the needs of young men through investments, empowerment, mentorship, direction and nurture of skills.  The Club does voluntary community projects to give back to society.  They have provided a mentorship program to the Form 4 students of MMH and to a school in Kiambu, participated in community cleanups, hospital visitations, tree planting and a painting forum.  Funding for their projects comes from monthly member contributions, fundraising, donations, investments and government youth funds.  For fundraising they have sold sausages, “Chapattis”, chips, samosas and popcorn at a stand in the small town of Kirigiti in Kiambu. They also have sold earphones, flash discs and phones for a commission.  They state they could use some help in acquiring gloves, a wheelbarrow, shovels and garbage bags for their cleanup projects and a grill for their food sales.  They are also looking for a permanent site for their roadside stand as the county government is harassing them demanding payment since the government feels they are making LOTS of money which they say is not the case.  Although customers can be difficult they are learning good business language, patience, confidence and how to be smart and disciplined.  The Club seeks to help young men grow and become competent, independent, stable and empowered in the Kenyan society in which they live.  Their motto is  “Service is our earnest endeavor”.

We thank God and  are so grateful for all our Partners and those who have supported the children of MMH over all these years. You have made a difference in the lives of many.”

                              MMHPP Board:  Carol Hert, Lynne Keller, Martina Mims,

                              Noelle Pelot, Kathy Peterson, Lyn Ross, Sue Steinhilber



Prayers are especially requested at this time for the country of Kenya and our Kenyan brothers and sisters in Christ, particularly the children and staff of Mothers’ Mercy Home and their families and friends.  As you may know, the recent Kenyan Presidential election was contested and a new election has been set for Tuesday, October 17th.  In the past prior to elections there have been large gatherings, protests and demonstrations which have often turned confrontational and escalated into violence.  Our US State Department has alerted US citizens residing in or traveling to Kenya to exercise caution and remain abreast of the security situation throughout the electoral period.  Charity, the Administrator of MMH urges us to “pray for our country to continue experiencing peace during re-election and that our children will not be affected during their exam time.” 

“Almighty God, to whom all nations must account for all their  powers and privileges, guide the people of Kenya in the election of officials, that, by faithful administration  and wise laws, the rights of all may be protected and the nation of Kenya be enabled to fulfill  your purposes, through  Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen”

Sunday, October 22nd is Mothers’ Mercy Home Mission Sunday at St. Thomas.  Information will be available at the Coffee Hour about the children and how you may become a Partner or Supporter. There will also be an opportunity to support MMH by the purchase of a SURPRISE GIFT BAG.  



It is time once again for the school children of Kenya to have a one month vacation.  The various schools will be closing between July 28th and August 4th.  The Mothers’ Mercy Home Children in Secondary Boarding Schools will be returning to the MMH campus.   During the 2nd and 3rd weeks of August there will be mentorship and counseling programs as well as programs in weaving, carpentry, arts/crafts, sports, etc. for the different age groups.  Some of the children will be visiting their guardians  the week of August 19th to 26th.

We have received pictures of the children with their new uniforms, shoes and books as well as staff with their new uniforms, all of which were provided by a generous MMH donor.  

A reminder to Quarterly Partners:  Partnership fees for July through September are due now.  If you have not already sent it in please make check payable to St. Thomas Church with MMHPP in the memo line.  Thanks for your continued support.    


JULY 2017

Mothers’ Mercy Home reports that the Easter greeting sent to some of the children by the AWANA kids were gratefully received.  The Secondary School children returned to MMH on Saturday, June 17th for a one week half term break.  During that time they participated in various activities and mentorship programs.  Charles, the Social Worker will be updating photos of the children and sending them to us to distribute to Partners.  Charity, the Administrator, thanks God for His faithfulness and thanks the Partnership Program for the great concern and support towards the children. 


JUNE 2017

On May 6th MMH celebrated its 16th Anniversary with more than 550 people attending the glorious occasion. MMH has grown from the 83 children who we first met on our visit in 2007 to currently having 102 children in residence and 60 alumni. As some of these students complete their studies in different technical schools, colleges and universities in November we continue to pray that they will find meaningful employment to utilize their gifts and talents and to serve the members of their communities and country.

Following the April school vacation the children of MMH returned to school in May.  Following three months of classes their next vacation will be the month of August. Thankfully the rains have finally come to Africa and there will be plentiful vegetables to eat over the summer months. 

The new Administration Block with Children Activity Halls (two large, two small) is now complete and has been moved into.  This has created a good working environment for the social workers and plenty of space for all the activities the children are involved in.  


MAY 2017

There is currently construction going on at Mothers’ Mercy Home.  A new Administration block is in progress which will allow Charles, the Social Worker and Co-Administrator, as   well as the other social workers to move from their offices in the old corrugated metal building to three improved offices in the new building.  This building will also be a blessing for the children as there will be two big halls for their activities and training sessions as well as two smaller rooms for their use.

The Secondary School Graduates of MMH now number 60.  They are doing well in their different colleges and universities and are followed up regularly by the social workers of MMH.  By the end of the year some of them will be completing their studies.  We pray that God will open the doors for meaningful employment that utilizes their education and talents. 

Thanks to all who are yearly Partners renewing in April for your continued support.  


APRIL 2017 

April is vacation time for all schools in Kenya.  That means the 20 Secondary or High School students who go to Boarding Schools will be going back to Mothers’ Mercy Home on April 7th.   MMH has arranged various activities for them including a mentorship program, extra- curricular activities, weaving, carpentry, handicrafts and if time allows a one week visit with their guardians.  The 81 nursery through Form 8 Primary children will also be off school for three weeks and all will report back to school on May 2nd.

The draught continues in most parts of Kenya with very dry weather and a prolonged time without rain.  Many people are starving and the cost of food is very high.  But thanks be to God rain is expected the end of March or in early April. 

On March 15th seven AWANA children learned something about five of the children living at MMH, were given information about how these African children’s lives differ from theirs, and then prepared Easter greetings for these Kenyan children.  Though their lives differ in certain ways, they all have aspirations for the future and are brothers and sisters in the family of God. 

A reminder to those Partners who renew their quarterly, annual or semi-annual Partnership in April:  It is due now.  Please note MMHPP on the memo line.  Easter is a great time for Partners to send an e-mail to their child.  Please send any greetings to . Remember to note the child’s name and number (#) as the children’s names can be very similar and some are exactly the same.  It brings great JOY to the children to receive news from their Partners.  


MARCH 2017 

GETTING TO KNOW CHARITY WAITHIRA NJENGA, ADMINISTRATOR OF MMH:  Charity is a 43 year old born again Christian, married to Anderson Njenga.  Charity and Anderson have two children, Collins Ngugi who is 23 and working, and Coleta Wambui who is 19 and in college.  Charity has a Diploma in Business Administration and a Diploma in Counseling and Psychology.  God willing she plans to pursue a degree in Administration and Management this coming September.  Previously she was in business and had worked in a school and a hospital as an Administrator.  In the church she has served as a Lay reader in her Parish for the last 10 years and as Vice chairperson to her Vicar. She has served as a member of the Diocesan Standing Committee of Synod for the last six years and as Secretary to this committee the past two years.  The Mothers’ Union is the group that started MMH and she has served in different capacities as a Mothers’ Union Secretary and Treasurer for the past 13 years. 

After being mentored alongside Paula Karanja during 2016, Charity took over as Administrator of MMH on January 1st 2017.  We are pleased to be working with this very capable woman as we continue our Mothers’ Mercy Home Partnership Program



As each group of young people of Mothers’ Mercy Home graduate from Secondary School (14 this past November), and are continued to be supported and followed by the social workers, they are no longer considered as residents.  Therefore each year new young children are admitted.  In the past month 7 children were admitted, some through the courts due to very dismal and sympathetic circumstances.  Another 15 children are expected to join the MMH family this year.  Three orphans ages 11, 10 and 8 from a family of seven children, whose mother died December 23, 2016, were admitted on 1-20-17.  Two of the other children admitted had received severe physical injuries from their caretakers and were in need of a safe, protective and loving environment.  Further information on these children and others who are in need of Partners can always be obtained by speaking with Kathy Peterson and other members of the Board of MMHPP.  

Partners are reminded that since Paula Karanja has retired, correspondence to your child should be sent through Charity Waithira Njenga at  E-mail notes are appreciated by the children any time of the year.  We suggest Easter, Christmas and the child’s birthday as times to remember them.  In sending notes please note the child’s name and number (#) since the children’s names may be very similar and some are even exactly the same. 

Note to January Annual, Semi-annual and Quarterly Partners:  If you have not already done so, payments may be sent to St. Thomas Church, noting MMHPP in the memo line.  Thank you for your continued support of these vulnerable children of God.   



The following letter was received from Charles Muigai, MMH Assistant Administrator regarding the 2016 Secondary School Graduates:

Thank God for all His Mercies and Favour the whole year of 2016.  Mothers’ Mercy Home had 14 children (7 boys and 7 girls) who successfully completed their secondary education this year.  Five of the children joined MMH in 2001 while the others were admitted in 2003.  It has been a long journey in transforming their lives through love and care, guidance and counselling, spiritual teaching, education and meeting their health and developmental needs.                

It was our joy to receive all the graduates from different schools at the end of November 2016 after completing their final exams.  MMH organized a farewell party which was held on the grounds on December 1st.  It was a colourful event which all the children and staff attended.  The graduates received “leavers kits” which were presented to them by the Form 3 students.  The graduates were aware they have to join their guardians as they continue with further education in the next years. 

A Re-integration to the Family    exercise took place December 8th to 10th.  All the graduates were reunited with family members for the long term as we continue to support them.  This process starts immediately when a child is admitted to MMH.  The guardians are well informed how long the child can stay at MMH.  The child is regularly prepared psychologically and informed of the progress and plans of life after leaving MMH.  Continued monitoring takes place to ensure the graduates become self-reliant and responsible citizens.

Thank You,

Charles Muigai

MMH Assistant Administrator

Each of the 2016 graduates will be receiving a Daily Devotional Book in honour of their graduation from the MMH PP and the St. Thomas Parish Family



Paula Karanja’s letter of Retirement: Note there will be three people taking over her job! 

On 2nd August 2004 (12 years and 5 months ago), the Diocesan Bishop of Mt. Kenya South, the Rt. Rev. Timothy Ranji appointed Mrs. Paula Nyaithiru Karanja as the Diocesan Mothers' Union Coordinator. I did not have the slighted idea of what this job entails. Philippians Chapter 4:13 says “I can do everything through Christ who strengthens me”. This has and still is my daily Motto. I have been coordinating more than 18,000 Mothers’ Union members, preaching in most of our churches (we have more than 250 churches),  conducting Seminars, Retreats, Conferences and Workshops etc. etc. for these women including others who are not yet members of the Mothers’ Union. I have been training women who wished to join the Mothers’ Union including counselling the Youth and the Sunday School children.

Mothers’ Mercy Home did not have a single permanent building when I joined the Diocese. Today, all the buildings except the Multipurpose Hall have been re-constructed and are now permanent buildings. I have seen the physical, spiritual and mental development of our children. We have children in the Local Universities, Colleges, Secondary Schools, Primary Schools and Nursery Schools. The journey has been a real challenge.

St. Thomas Church – Menasha came into our lives just when we needed a shoulder to lean on.  The ‘Partnership Program’ was God sent. We have come this far through your love and prayers, not forgetting your timely financial support. Thank you so much for ‘walking’ with us.  We thank God for all that has passed and trust Him for all that is to come.

I am now 65 years old. I am very grateful to God. He kept renewing my strength by day. I owe Him my success.  I thank God for giving me my dear husband Paul, who has been my main encourager and prayer partner. At the end of December 2016, I will retire from my job with much satisfaction. Mrs. Charity Waithira Njenga who is 43 years old has taken over as the new Mothers’ Mercy Home Manager. She is a God fearing educated lady, energetic, committed and above all, full of love for the children. She, together with Mothers’ Mercy Home Staff, will bring the Home to greater heights. Charity will only work at the Mothers’ Mercy Home. The Bishop appointed two other ladies, Mrs Naomi Mungai and Mrs. Eunice Mwaura who will now be in charge of the Mothers’ Union. This means that none of these three ladies will have to go so many extra miles (like Paula) to accomplish their mission.

With God’s help, I plan to start Guitar lessons in January 2017 followed by Key Board lessons. I have always wanted to play church instruments and I believe this is finally the time. I used to compose music before, and I want to pick up from where I left off. Above all, I will spend quality time with my Paul and our children including our grandchildren.

Kindly accept my sincere appreciation for always being there for me. It has been my joy serving God with the entire Partnership Program including Father Ralph and all the other brothers and sisters in Christ whom we interacted with. Please thank each and every person who participated in any way especially Kathy Peterson. My prayer is that you will all continue to enjoy God’s perfect peace, safety and protection including good health in 2017 and beyond. My Paul and I look forward to visit Wisconsin in God’s time and you are most welcome to our home. Once again, thank you very much.

Paula Nyaithiru Karanja – Outgoing Manager - Mothers’ Mercy Home.




                                    CHICKS’ NIGHT at the “SERENGETI” SPA

                                                 Annual Ladies’ Spa Night

                            Sponsored by Mothers’ Mercy Home Partnership Program

                                     Thursday, November 17h 5:30 – 9 PM

                                    (Benefits the nutritional and educational needs

                                          of 152 children of Mothers’ Mercy Home)

                                                       Home of Lynne Keller


                                                   Pool, Whirlpool, Sauna

                                            “Pool”lates Relaxation Session

                                                          Reflexology, Etc.

                                                   Delicious Refreshments

                                     Registration forms will be available at Church

                              or call Lynne Keller  766-2934 (Home),  850-1047(Cell)

                                             Invite your friends and neighbors


The John Kaheni Residence, named in honor of the 2013 graduate who died December 2014, currently houses 14 of the students who have graduated from Secondary School and no longer can reside at MMH.  These students are in transition from MMH and are taking various courses to prepare them for a specialized technical school, college or university.  No staff are employed and the students learn to do all tasks necessary for independent living such as buying food, cooking, fetching water, cleaning etc. It is reported that they each have their duties and they are performing them well.

Just a reminder to Quarterly Partners of children of MMH, October to December quarterly payments for each child are due now.  Also Annual Partners who pay in October are due. Thank you for your continuing support.


Each summer Mothers’ Mercy Home admits new young children to replace those students who graduated in November.  Paula Karanja, Administrator of MMH, reports “We are still waiting to receive the new children but the Archdeaconries have not yet taken the children to their home courts for Committal documents.  In other words paper work is not yet completed.”  The new children will be admitted when all the legal work is done. 

The funds sent through our Partnership Program in August have enabled all the children to return to their respective Secondary Schools following the burning of their schools.  None of the MMH students were involved in the burnings but their properties were destroyed and needed to be replaced. 

SAVE THE DATE: Ladies, please mark your calendars for Thursday, November 17th, when the MMH Partnership Program Board will once again sponsor Chicks’ Night at the “Serengeti” Spa.  Held at the home of Lynne Keller, ladies can enjoy an evening of great treats, swimming pool, sauna, Jacuzzi and water relaxation class.  Reflexology and Mini-massage will also be available.  Watch for further information concerning registration.


We had recently received a prayer request from MMH for the safety and protection of the children in Secondary Boarding Schools as an evil spirit of burning schools down was in rampage.  However, none of the schools attended by MMH children had been involved.  Now that has changed.  Some of their schools have recently been hit. 

Paula Karanja wrote “It is most unfortunate that more than 150 Secondary Schools were burnt in Kenya by the students.  The fire in some schools was very serious and the students lost all their belongings.  Our children were not spared.  The schools are opening on August 29th and some of our children need new Starter Kits (blankets, mattresses, text books, etc.)  The MMH will be responsible together with other parents/guardians in rebuilding these schools.  Thank you very much for always being there for us.  We shall remain forever grateful to St. Thomas WI and all those brothers and sisters who have been walking with us.”

When Paula was asked why students would do this she replied, “The students interviewed aired their grievances citing lack of effective communication with the principals, teachers etc. and to draw their attention, they burn schools.  However this is not the first time that this happens, no.  Almost every year, schools are burnt but this was the worst.”

Nine MMH students need new Starter Kits at a cost of   $1780  and so far 2 of the students have been assessed for damages at $100 each.  Fees are also needed for Term 3 Fees at a cost of $8000.  Consequently, on August 18th funds was wired to Kenya.  These funds come from Partnership Monies, Proceeds of the African Dinner, the St. Thomas Mission Outreach Fund and Personal Donations. 

Following notification of the wire of funds Paula wrote:  “Warm loving hugs.  What can we say!  We have a Kikuyu saying that goes… Just when one is about to die of hunger, God provides wild edible greens in the gardens through rainfall! We are MOST grateful for your whole team.  The funds will go all the way to provide what the children need.  Thank you, thank you all.  Our love and prayers.”


Update on Julius Njogu Njoki who was with us for over two weeks this past April:  After graduating from Secondary School in November 2013, Julius completed a Diploma Program in Criminology at Nairobi University in December of 2015.  On his return to Kenya following his visit he was admitted and began a Degree Program in Criminology at the University on May 23rd of this year.  Paula Karanja reports that he is working hard and in good health and is looking forward to a bright future. 

A huge thank you to all who were present or supported the 9th Annual African Dinner on Thursday, July 28th.  An evening with African themed food and entertainment by The Stanley-Cook Project was enjoyed by those in attendance.  All donations will go towards the educational needs of the 152 children and young people of Mothers’ Mercy Home from pre-school through Post-Secondary Education.  Although students no longer reside at MMH following Secondary School graduation, MMH continues to provide support for their technical, college or university education. 

The residents and staff of MMH are looking forward to their 2016 Summer Camp which kicks off August 15th during the August school vacation


JULY 2016

                                You are cordially invited to the 9th annual evening of
                                                          African Simplicity
                                                        American Elegance
                                                     THURSDAY, JULY 28th
                                               Home of Bob & Lynne Keller
                                                      Fellowship 5:30 PM
                                                          Dinner 6:45 PM
                                    Entertainment by “The Stanley Cook Project”
                    Sponsored by the Mothers’ Mercy Home Partnership Program Board
                                        (Suggested donation $75 per person)
                                               For further information contact
                                Carol Hert, Lynne Keller, Martina Mims, Noelle Pelot,
                                            Kathy Peterson or Sue Steinhilber
                              Proceeds go toward the educational needs of 152 children
                                   preschool through tech school, college or university
Attention MMH Partners:  Just a reminder that Annual July Partnerships and Quarterly Partnerships for July through September are due now.  Thank you for your continued support!


JUNE 2016

During Paula Karanja’s  visit in April she let us know that she will be retiring from her position as Administrator/Manager of Mothers’ Mercy Home effective December 31, 2016.  She and Bishop Ranji have chosen Charity Waithera Njenga to be her successor as Manager.  Charity has been on board since January of this year.  Paula says Charity now sits at her desk and Paula sits at the side of the room mentoring Charity as necessary.  Paula has great confidence in the ability of Charity to continue to lead MMH into the future.   We thank Paula for her many years of devotion to the children and staff of MMH.  We will miss working with her but wish her and her husband Paul many years of happy retirement as they continue their work with the church and as they enjoy spending time with their children and grandchildren.

Some very good news concerning MMH was received following Paula and Julius’ return home.  AFS (African Flight Services) has partnered with MMH and will be providing some wonderful assistance.  They have announced that they will be providing $3,500 for food and the entire cost of one year of education for all the children.  They will also be buying computer equipment and contributing to the cost of staff salaries.  Teaming up with Lufthansa Airlines they will assist in paying the cost of medical supplies for the Cargo Human Care Medical Clinic at MMH.  And really exciting is that the old dining area will be torn down and they will be constructing a new multi- purpose room for dining as well as other activities.  For some students who complete secondary school they are offering internships at African Flight Services.  Travelling and subsistence costs will be provided while the students are interns and then in the future some of them will be employed full time.  GOD IS SO GOOD!  The contributions of AFS will make a tremendous difference in the lives of the children of MMH. 

To view videos of the presentation to MMH by AFS and meet Charity, the new Manager, go to:

MAY 2016

What a blessing it was to have Paula Karanja, Manager of MMH, and Julius Njoki, 2013 graduate, with us for 18 full days in April.  Beginning with MMH Mission Sunday on April 3rd to having them here to celebrate St. Thomas’s Centennial on April 17th, it was a busy but wonderful time.  Special thanks to Sue and Bill Steinhilber who were Julius’s hosts and who arranged many special meetings and excursions for him to learn about life in the US and our Criminal Justice system.  He was especially grateful for the opportunities since he returned to Nairobi University to continue in a degree program in that field.

The visit was a success thanks to so many people of St. Thomas:  Fr. Ralph and Fr. Aran for their willing assistance when needed, those who provided food for the luncheon on Mission Sunday, those who hosted Paula and Julius in various ways, those who signed up to become new Partners and finally those who contributed clothing for the children for Paula to take back to MMH.

Bishop Matt Gunter helped with the travel expenses and Paula and Julius had time to meet him and enjoy dinner and conversation with him and his wife Leslie and members of the MMHPP Board.  Awana children and members of Fr. Aran’s Discipleship Group got to spend time with them and to hear from Julius about his life at MMH and the culture of Kenya.  On their second weekend here we traveled to St. Boniface in Mequon, the home church of Lyn Ross who is a member of the Board.  Since her move to Grafton she has been promoting the ministry of MMH.  The Outreach Ministry there supports MMH and there are also a number of individual Partners.   Paula and Julius had the opportunity to address the congregations at both the Saturday evening and Sunday morning services.  An event on Monday, April 11th gave those who have been Partners and Supporters of the MMH Partnership Program an opportunity to hear a little about the individual children they partner with and to interact with Paula and Julius. 

Julius went to three schools to observe American education and share with the students:  Clintonville Catholic School, Oshkosh Christian School and North Fond du Lac School.  He attended the Lourdes High School Performance of The Music Man.  In keeping with his interest in Criminal Justice he attended the Oshkosh Police and Fire Commission Meeting where he met the Police Chief and Fire Chief.  He toured the Oshkosh City Hall, Police Department and Fire Department and attended an Oshkosh City Council Meeting.  He also shadowed a police liaison officer at school and visited the courtroom of Judge Nancy Krueger.

Other activities included observing voting on primary election day, visiting two libraries and attending a concert at one, attending a live broadcast of the Metropolitan Opera Madame Butterfly, touring the EAA, exercising at the YMCA, attending a Milwaukee Brewer baseball game, visiting a small farm and touring Union Star Cheese factory.

While here it was discovered that Julius loved to tinker on the piano and he was provided with an electric piano which he played when not otherwise busy. (Which was not too often!)  He is quite talented and it was commented that music is his fourth language (the others being Kikuyu, Swahili and English).

We miss Paula and Julius but give PRAISE and THANKS to God for the opportunity to share time together as we planned for the next three years of our Partnership with the children of Mothers’ Mercy Home.  

APRIL 2016

All are invited

to a Luncheon

and Presentation by

Paula Karanja and Julius Njogu Njoki

of Mothers’ Mercy Home

on Sunday, April 3rd

following the 10 am St. Thomas Eucharist

April 3rd is Mothers’ Mercy Home Mission Sunday.  Paula and Julius will be speaking at both the 8 am and 10 am Services at which the Kenyan Liturgy will be used.  Following the 8 am service there will be a Coffee Hour in the Parish Hall where you can meet and interact with Paula and Julius. We hope everyone will remain after the 10 am service for lunch and a program showing current pictures and explaining the mission and ministry of MMH to children three years of age through three classes of Secondary School graduates. 

Partners are reminded of the Special Event being held on Monday, April 11th.  Further information about making a reservation should have been received. 

Also, a reminder that we are collecting clothing for boys and girls ages 3-10 which can be left in a box in the Parish Hall.  Paula and Julius will be taking these items back to Kenya when they leave on April 19th


 MARCH 2016

PRAISE GOD!  Our prayers have been answered and Paula Karanja, Manager of Mothers’ Mercy Home and Julius Njoki, a 2013 Secondary School graduate were issued their Visas to visit the US on February 11th.  They will arrive here on Thursday, March 31st and be with us until April 19th.  We are currently in the process of planning their time here and will get information out as soon as possible. 

Sunday, April 3rd will be Mothers’ Mercy Home Mission Sunday when everyone will have an opportunity to meet them and hear about the mission and ministry of MMH. 

During their visit we will be reviewing the past nine years of our Partnership Program and planning for our next three year commitment.  Paula and Julius will have the opportunity to participate in our parish life as well as observe education in the US. We look forward to the insight about Kenya and Kenyan culture they will provide.  A Special Event will be planned for those who have been involved as Partners with individual children. 

We are looking forward with much excitement to their sharing this time with us and know that it will be a blessing to all.



We often receive questions about what happens to the MMH students once they graduate from Secondary School.  We have recently received an update on the graduates.

2013 Graduates

Nancy Asokoni (partner of Fr. John & Kathy Peterson) received a diploma in Community Development at the Kenya Institute of Social Work

Julius Njogu (partner of Sue and Bill Steinhilber) received a diploma in Criminology and Social Studies from University of Nairobi in December 2015

Grace Wambui completed her diploma in Hairdressing at Ashley and has a job in Ruaka

Moses Mbugua (partner of Brad and Barb Lauderdale) completed his final exams in Carpentry and Joinery at the SOS Technical School

Teresiah Wambui (partner of Karlo and Carolyn Swenson) completed her Diploma in Information Technology from Zetec Jomo Kenyatta University

Catherine Mueni has one more exam to complete her certificate in Office Operations and Front Office

Faith Wanjiru is at section three in accounts at KCA University

John Gakure is in section two at KCA University

Jacob Njuguna (partner of Phyllis Goodenough) is in his 3rd semester at the Buruburu Institute of Fine Arts

Ruth Wahu is in her final semester at Zetec to complete a certificate in Tour Guide

Loise Njeri (partner of Sue and Bill Steinhilber) is at Zetec taking Hospitality Management

Virginia Wambui is completing her certificate in Public Health

2014 Graduates

Regina Wanja (partner of Mark and Michelle Peterson) is at the Kenya Wildlife service in Naivasha taking a diploma in Community Wildlife Management

Rahab Wagaki is at the University of Nairobi doing a Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics

Loise Wanjuhi (partner of John and Sarah Ito) is at the University of Nairobi pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce degree

Martin Uiru (partner of Sally and Rich Covyeau) attended Kilimambogo and trained in Plant Operations

Erick Ngugi  (partner of Leo Checkai) is in his second semester at Chuka University pursuing a degree in Science and Technology

Samuel Minyaro (partner of Everett and Santha Goodwin) is in Kabare pursuing a Certificate in Theology

Francis Kariuki (partner of Lynne and Walter Scott) has a Bachelor of Commerce degree

Stephen Nainganda is waiting to join the University of Nairobi for a degree in International Relations

Cynthia Waithera is awaiting her admission letter from the Kenya Wild Life Service Training Centre

Winnie Nyambura will join Kimlea School of Catering for a diploma in catering

Sonia Wanjiru is waiting to join Daystar University for Mass Communication

Kelvin Wanjohi (partner of Paul Smith) will be joining Zatec College for a diploma in Food Production

2015 Graduates: All are attending Computer Colleges until their Final Examination results from Secondary School are out in March 2016.



The third group of Mothers’ Mercy Home children graduated from Secondary School this past November.  A farewell party for the 13 students was held on December 4th.  At the graduation celebration they were each presented with a devotional book from our Mothers’ Mercy Home Partnership Program.  They were then reintegrated with their guardians on December 7th and will stay with them until March 2016.  At that time they will move to the John Kaheni Residence in Kiambu which was built by the Germans in memory of John.  He was in the first group of graduates in 2013 and died on December 21, 2014. MMH will assist them in enrolling in computer classes, driver training and other basic training.  The results of their final Secondary School exams will be out by late February.  According to their performance results they will join technical schools, colleges or universities in September 2016

Great News! Julius Njogu Njoki, who is the 2013 graduate we hope will be able to visit us in April 2016, graduated from the University of Nairobi on December 3rd with a Diploma in Criminology.  They now pray to God that they will have the funds so that he may be able to continue to study for a Degree in Criminology.

REMINDER:  Partners who pay annually in January or semi-annually in January and July, and those who pay quarterly, payments are now due.  Please send to St. Thomas Church with MMHPP in the memo line.  Thank you so much for your continued support of these very special children of God. 



A HUGE THANKS to everyone who participated in the Ladies’ Spa night on November 19th.  It was a fun evening which benefited the nutritional and educational needs of the children of Mothers’ Mercy Home.

The Third Reintegration Meeting was held on October 23rd at Mothers’ Mercy Home.  This meeting has been held each year as a new class of students graduate from Secondary School and leave MMH.  Guardians (who may be a grandparent, aunt, uncle or a sibling) of each student are invited as well as the Mothers’ Union Chairlady from each of the graduates’ Parishes.  Charles Muigai, the Social Worker, gave a history of MMH and an overview of what has happened since the first children joined the Home.  He encouraged guardians to take up responsibility for their children with a grateful heart since the children have been raised in a good home with everything provided for them.  He challenged them to be very involved in their children’s lives following graduation as they reintegrate into the community and to know their progress in all areas from academic to spiritual and physical wellbeing.  He urged them to go the extra mile and pay a visit to their child’s post- secondary school.  He emphasized that it was important for the graduates to continue participation with MMH and the younger students and asked the guardians to encourage this.  He also showed photos of the children since they had come to the home and their transition over the years, giving thanks to all who had supported MMH in both cash and kind. 

Mary Wanjiku, Youth Counsellor,  reminded the guardians that the MMH programs can only be successful when there is good collaboration between all involved.  She also challenged the guardians to do what they can and not to shy away from doing the little things that they can afford to do. 

Jenifer Wangari from the Kaimbu Sub County Childrens’ Office talked about children raised in a charitable institution and the need to reintegrate them into the community.  The success of reintegration is dependent on the efficiency of an institutional exit strategy.  She congratulated MMH for being among the homes that are well run within Kiambu.



We are pleased to report that the Teacher Strike in Kenya ended in early October.  Since the Form IV (Senior) Secondary School students will be having their Final Examinations, which determine their future education, in early November they have a lot of catching up to do. 

During the children’s August vacation a Summer Camp is held each year at Mothers’ Mercy Home.  The place was a beehive the week of August 10th through 15th as Workshops were offered in Working With Wood, Loom Knitting and Weaving, Construction and Gaming, Creative Workshop (theatre and handicrafts) Up-Cycling and Tie- Dye, Little fingers (for the very small children) and Managing Finances.  The children below age 14 were taken on an excursion to Rock City – Kiambu, to enjoy swimming, chicken, chips and sodas.  Those over 14 went to the 14 Falls – Thika for an adventurous outing.  Fun was had by all!

All ladies are invited to attend Chicks’ Night at the “SERENGETI” SPA on Thursday, November, 19th to benefit the children of MMH.



At the end of March 2015 the Mothers’ Mercy Home Partnership Program of St. Thomas Church will be completing our 9th year.  MMH was established in 2001 by women of the Mothers’ Union in the Diocese of Mt. Kenya South. We began our first 3 year Partnership in 2007 after a visit there to meet the children and staff.   Because of the support of those who Partner with individual children, monies from the St. Thomas Mission Fund, fund raisers and other donations   we have continued to renew our Partnership every three years.

 To celebrate and begin our 10th year of Partnership in 2016 our hope is to bring Julius Njogu to visit us in April 2016.  An orphan, Julius joined MMH when it first opened  in 2001.  He was in a safe and loving Christian environment over the next 12 years during which he successfully completed Primary School and graduated from Secondary School in November 2013.  He is now studying Criminal Justice at Nairobi University.  He is an example of the hopeful future the children of MMH are provided and will be able to share that with us as he visits along with Paula Karanja, Manager of MMH.

So far 34 students have graduated from Secondary School with 13 more doing so this November.    As the older students leave MMH (but continue to be followed in their post- Secondary Education) more children are admitted.  In August of this year 15 little ones were admitted.  Then when four girls were found on the street abandoned by their alcoholic Mom the police brought them to MMH where they are now being cared for and attending school. 

62 of the 152 children who have been a part a MMH are currently Partnered by 44 individuals or families.  Along with the support of St. Thomas and others we have upheld the children  in our prayers and forwarded over $200,000 to assist with their nutritional and educational needs since 2007.  With 47 students in Secondary School  and  tuition averaging  $750 a year (MMH also assists with tuitions for Post Secondary Education) the funds are greatly appreciated.  After funds were sent in August Paula wrote, “What a Mighty God we serve!   We were completely overwhelmed by your continuous generosity.  Thank you for your love and support and for making our Mothers’ Union Vision real.  Kindly extend our sincere appreciation to all those who participated in one way or another in raising these funds.  You have such golden hearts!  God bless you.  We cannot forget your previous support and for that we thank God for each one of you.  Thank you for allowing God to use you.  We shall continue to serve these children to the glory of God.”

MMHPP Board: Carol Hert, Lynne Keller, Kathy Peterson, Lyn Ross, Sue Steinhilber


Through the intervention of Karen Powers the Mothers’ Mercy Home small library has received a grant of $844.80 for books or other needs.  This was through a granting program called Miles of Pennies began in 1988 on the 100th anniversary of the Church Periodical Club.  It was a way to set aside funds specifically for ministries to children age birth to 18.  It is called Miles of Pennies because if you line up penny after penny after penny, one mile equals $844.80, the maximum that can be received.  Fund requests can be accepted two years in a row so MMH can apply again next year. Thanks to Karen for initiating this grant to MMH.

MMH has recently admitted 4 young girls who were abandoned by their alcoholic mother.  The oldest girl was admitted on August 22nd and following the rescue of her other three sisters, they were admitted on September 3rd.  Thanks be to God that there is a place where these “thrown out children “can be safe and experience the love of God through the staff of MMH. 

SAVE THE DATE: Ladies, please mark your calendars for Thursday, November 19th, when the MMH Partnership Program Board will once again sponsor Chicks’ Night at the “Serengeti” Spa.  Held at the home of Lynne Keller, ladies can enjoy an evening of great treats, swimming pool, sauna, Jacuzzi and water relaxation class.  Reflexology and Mini-massage will also be available.  Watch for further information concerning registration.



In early 2007 five women from St. Thomas accompanied Fr. Ian Montgomery, then rector, to Kenya to meet the children of Mothers’ Mercy Home and the women who established it and run it.  On returning home a three year Partnership Program was established with MMH.  Partners pray for individual children, may correspond with them via e-mail and provide financial support.  In April of 2010 Paula Karanja, the Administrator, visited us for three weeks and we all learned more about the children and mission of MMH.  We renewed our Partnership for another three years.  In November of 2013 Fr. John and Kathy Peterson went to MMH to celebrate the graduation from high school of the first group of MMH children.  We also renewed our Partnership for 2013-2016.  Soon it will be time to again renew and enter into our 10th year of Partnership.  In celebration of that event the plan is to have Julius Njoki come visit us in April of 2016.  He was admitted to MMH in 2001 when MMH first opened.  At the time he was six years old.  In the loving and safe environment of MMH he flourished and was one of the high school graduates of 2013.  He is now studying Criminal Justice at Nairobi University and is a living testament to the wonderful changes that can take place in a child’s life through MMH.  Our prayer is that he will be able to obtain a US Visa for entry into our country.  If so, he and Paula Karanja will be visiting St. Thomas and the Diocese in April 2016.  We look forward to their visit.



August is the month all the children that attend Secondary Boarding School will be back at Mothers’ Mercy Home during their school break.  The children attending Primary Schools in the area and living at MMH full time will also be on school vacation so things will be buzzing at the Home.  Most of the children will spend at least a short time during the month with their legal guardians (who may be a grandparent, aunt, uncle or older sibling) as Kenyan law requires this.  In addition, the fifteen new little children who have been selected to replace those who graduated last November will be admitted early this month.  It is always a busy time for the Mothers (staff who care for the children) as they help these little ones adjust to a very different environment than they are used to  It is awesome to think that the 33 young people who have completed Secondary School during the last two years first came to MMH at the age of these new little children.  After years of living in a loving, safe and healthy Christian environment they are now continuing their education out in the greater world and preparing to serve their families, communities and country.  Thanks to all our Partners, St. Thomas Mission Outreach and to the many other donors to the Mothers’ Mercy Home Partnership Program who have made a significant difference in the lives of these children.  Praise God for your generosity!


JULY 2015

Thank you to all who joined us for our 8th annual evening of African Simplicity with American Elegance on Thursday, June 25th at the Keller’s.  As we enjoyed an African meal and music by “RAYS OF LIGHT” we were contributing to the nutritional needs of the children.  (Paula Karanja, Administrator, states that currently the cost of food is way above average.)  Also, with 47 of the children in Secondary Boarding Schools, some proceeds from the dinner will go towards their tuition, room and board.  A huge THANK YOU to those of you who were unable to attend but who sent a contribution.  The Mothers’ Mercy Home Partnership Program Board is grateful to you all for your continued support.


JUNE 2015

                          You are cordially invited to the 8th annual evening

                              of African Simplicity with American Elegance

                    THURSDAY, JUNE 25th  at the Home of Bob & Lynne Keller.

                                 Fellowship 5:30 PM,  Dinner 6:45 P.M.  

                                 Entertainment by “RAYS OF LIGHT”.

           Sponsored by the Mothers’ Mercy Home Partnership Program Board

                                 (Suggested donation $75 per person)

                                      For further information contact

                  Carol Hert, Lynne Keller, Kathy Peterson or Sue Steinhilber

                         Proceeds go toward the nutritional needs of the children

                                      and funding for secondary education.


MAY 2015

The special funds donated by a benefactor of the Mothers’ Mercy Home Partnership Program have been expended. (See February 2015). Each Primary School in Kenya has its own uniform and the children of MMH attend a number of different schools so they have a variety of uniforms.  See pictures of the younger children in their new uniforms on the Mission Bulletin Board outside the Parish Hall.  You can also view a picture of the new lawnmower which will be used to cut the grass in the area of the playground equipment.  (Prior to this the lawn was cut with a hand held tool!)  Our benefactor was also responsible for the new Drip Irrigation System about which Paula Karanja, Administrator, states “Our children will now never lack vegetables as we shall harvest throughout the year.”  Additional funds were used to purchase textbooks that the children needed for their classes. 

A huge thank you to our special benefactor for these wonderful gifts and for all our Partners who have continued to support the children of MMH over the past eight years. 


APRIL  2015

Just a reminder to Partners who pay Quarterly, Semi- annually in April or Annually in April, your partnerships are due now.  The administration and staff of MMH continue to thank all of you for your prayers and support without which they would be unable to achieve their mission of serving these precious children and young people.

After a long awaited beginning, on February 8th, computer lessons commenced at MMH for children in Classes 5 & 6.  Eventually they will be introducing computers to children at age 9.  They will then be joining Secondary Schools being computer literate.  Currently the Secondary School graduates are enrolled in computer classes prior to going onto College, University, or Technical School.  If the students have already had computer training earlier they will be provided with courses in leadership and entrepreneurship instead.

The   sixteen 2014 graduates have produced a Graduates’ Catalogue, a copy of which is posted on the Mission Bulletin Board.  Besides a picture of each graduate there is a personal profile which includes their educational background, personal objectives, career aspirations as well as work related assignments they have completed in the past.  Take a look at the Catalogue and discover the various aspirations the students have.  Following reintegration into their families (may be with a parent, grandparent, aunt, sibling, etc.) and completion of their computer studies, these 2014 graduates will be joining universities and colleges in September 2015.


MARCH  2015

UPDATE ON 2013 GRADUATES:  We are pleased to report that five of the 2013 Secondary School graduates are involved in professional education.  John Gakure and Faith Wanjiru are attending Nairobi University studying accounting.  Julius Njogu, (Partner of Bill & Sue Steinhilber) is also at Nairobi University studying Criminology.  Lucy  Nyambura and Judy Wanjiru (Partner of Wade & Sharon Lindholm) are in Accounting programs at a Kenyan College.  Accounting seems to be a popular field of study!

The students who graduated in late 2014 are all currently enrolled in computer studies at various colleges as they await placement in university, college or technical school. 

Most of you remember Paula Karanja, Administrator of MMH, who visited with us in 2010.  Please keep Paula and her family in your prayers as she suffered two losses on Valentine’s day.  Her 44 year old nephew was killed by unknown thugs who did not even steal anything.  And her 71 year old sister who lived alone died after a fall in her home which caused a severe head injury.  Paula writes “Jesus decided to come for her on the very day of lovers.  Amazing!  We have God’s perfect peace.”



As we celebrated Epiphany, when the Wise Men visited the baby Jesus and brought gifts, we were greatly surprised to learn of a generous gift to Mothers’ Mercy Home and the children.  A supporter of MMH, who is not a member of St. Thomas, asked for a Wish List of things needed.  Following receipt of the list this kind  gentleman decided to donate funds for a drip irrigation system  (pipes, tank and stand for tank) to ensure fresh vegetables throughout the year  and for a motorized heavy duty lawn mower to keep the grass trimmed around the new Children’s Playground.  He also has provided funds for new school bags and uniforms for the 52 children in elementary school and new shoes for the 47 young people in secondary school.  What a difference this will make for the children to have new bags for their school supplies and to have new uniforms and shoes for their growing bodies and feet.   The MMH Partnership Board is so very grateful for this gift and for all the Partnerships, St. Thomas Mission Funds, donations and support of our fundraising activities over the last eight years.  Each and every one who has contributed in some way has made a tremendous difference in the ability of MMH to carry out their mission to the children of the Diocese of Mt. Kenya South.



On Tuesday, December 2nd, a special celebration was held at Mothers’ Mercy home to honor the 16 students who graduated from Secondary School in November.  These are the children we met who were in Form 5 (fifth grade) when we first visited the Diocese of Mount Kenya South   in 2007.  Included during the ceremonies was the presentation to each of them of the devotional book, “Every Day With Jesus “,  from St. Thomas Church and the Mothers’ Mercy Home Partnership Program. 

These students, along with the 18 who graduated in 2013, are being followed and assisted in their transition to independent living and continuing education by a Social Worker from MMH.  Tuition expenses are paid by MMH directly to their respective schools.

Just a reminder that Partner payments for those who pay annually in January, semi- annually in January and July and those who pay quarterly are due now.



A huge thank you to all the women who attended  CHICKS’ NIGHT at the “SERENGETI” SPA sponsored by the MMH Partnership Program.  On November 20th about 40 women enjoyed a relaxing evening of nurturing  our bodies and our spirits.  We are grateful to the Keller’s for once again allowing us the use of their beautiful home for this evening which benefits the nutritional and educational needs of the 111 children of MMH.

The children of Class 8 have completed their final examinations and will await the results to determine the Secondary School which they will attend next year.  November 17th through the 28th these children participated in an Initiation and Counseling Program and it is  during this time that boys in Kenya are circumcised.

The second group of children have completed Secondary School this November and sat for their final examinations which will determine whether they will go on to a technical school, college or university.  Since MMH continues to provide guidance and financial assistance for continuing education for the graduates and admits new young children to take their place, the monetary  burden of providing for this increasing number of children and young adults becomes greater each year.

We are happy to report that some new play equipment has been received by MMH for the younger children.  Paula Karanja, Administrator, has sent pictures of a new small slide, trampoline, badminton net, basketball and basketball hoop  and lots of hula hoops.  We are sure the little ones will enjoy their time outdoors as they exercise with these new play things.




Fifth Ladies’ Spa Night

Sponsored by Mothers’ Mercy Home Partnership Program

Thursday, November 20th 5:30 – 9 PM

(Benefits the nutritional and educational needs

of 111 children of Mothers’ Mercy Home)

Home of Lynne Keller


Pool, Whirlpool, Sauna

“Pool”lates Relaxation Session

Reflexology, Mini Massage, Acupressure

Delicious Refreshments

Registration forms available at Church

         Invite your friends and neighbors   



Pictured above are the 14 new children recently admitted to Mothers’ Mercy Home in Limiru, Kenya.  MMH, begun by the women of the Diocese of Mt. Kenya South in 2001, is  currently  home  to 111 children.  St. Thomas Church has had a Partnership with MMH since April of 2007 following the visit of Fr. Ian Montgomery and five women to the Diocese.  We are currently in our eighth year of supporting the children through Partnerships, an annual African Dinner, an annual Spa Night for Ladies, the St. Thomas Mission Fund and Individual Donations. 

November 2013 marked a milestone in the history of MMH as 18 of the children who were first admitted graduated from Secondary School. Fourteen  of the graduates are in colleges studying to work as beauticians, in tourism, communication, etc. while four are in University studying Law, Commerce, Criminology and Accounts.  The staff of MMH are following them and providing guidance in suitable living arrangements, living independently, and providing financial assisitance by paying tuitions directly to their schools.  The  goal of MMH is to assist each of them until they are able to support themselves through their vocations.  As 16 more students will graduate this year, providing staff assistance and tuition expenses over the coming years will be a huge endeavor for MMH.